01 May 2019: Nuclear Power is no solution to climate emergency: Hinkley Point C site in danger of being inundated by rising sea-levels. In the week in which parliament will debate whether to declare a national environmental and climate change emergency, Stop Hinkley has warned against assuming that nuclear power can play a role in meeting these ambitious new targets. More >>>
11 Apr 2019: EPR Reactors & Hinkley Point C: Time to close down a disastrous episode: Further delays have been announced for the planned opening dates for the European Pressurised Reactors at Flamanville in France and Olkiluoto in Finland. These are both forerunners of the type of reactor being planned for Hinkley Point C. More >>>
29 Jan 2019: UK Energy Policy and Hinkley Point C at a Tipping Point: UK Energy Policy is at a tipping point. Following the withdrawal of two Japanese giants - Toshiba and Hitachi - from nuclear projects at Moorside in Cumbria and Wylfa on Anglesey - it is now clearer than ever that it would be cheaper to build new renewable capacity rather than continue building Hinkley Point C. More >>>
15 Nov 2018: Lessons for Hinkley from Sellafield: On the morning after the Financial Times has called on the UK Government to reassess its long-term energy plans following the demise of Toshiba’s Moorside nuclear project, Stop Hinkley has published a briefing about lessons we can learn from the Sellafield Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant which is in the process of closing after only 24 years of operation and a very chequered performance.. More >>>
17 Sep 2018: Stop Hinkley Comment on Paris Court Ruling on Hinkley Point C Risks: A court in Paris last Wednesday ordered French utility EDF to release a risk analysis report to the group’s works council (CEE) concerning its Hinkley Point C nuclear project. More >>>
30 Jul 2018: Stop Hinkley expresses concern about sea-level rises at nuclear site: Stop Hinkley has written to the Office for Nuclear Regulation to express concern about recent reports that we could be heading for a sea-level rise of as much as 6 metres during the lifetime of the Hinkley Point C site. More >>>
23 Apr 2018: Hinkley Point C and the Gold Rush Economy: Soaring rents are not just a big city problem when huge infrastructure projects descend on small towns. Rents in Bridgwater, the town closest to Hinkley Point, have risen by about 8% in the last year. More >>>
11 Apr 2018: Hinkley Point C reactor – a slow motion car crash: Commenting on today’s news that EDF has found defects in the welding in pipework of the reactor it is building at Flamanville in Normandy which is the same type as the one proposed for Hinkley Point C, Stop Hinkley spokesperson said. More >>>
04 Jan 2018: Stop Hinkley submits response to the Helm ‘cost of energy’ review: Abandoning Hinkley Point C now could save consumers almost £1.5bn per year for 35 years from 2027. More >>>
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