29 Mar 2017: Stop Hinkley asks why should anyone believe this astonishing level of incompetence will suddenly end when we start building new reactors?: The day after the Government announced it was being forced to pay nearly £100m for botching a nuclear decommissioning contract and on the same day that nuclear company Westinghouse has filed for bankruptcy in the US courts, the Stop Hinkley Campaign asks why anyone should believe that this astonishing level of incompetence will suddenly end when we start building new reactors? More >>>
20 Mar 2017: A United Nations body has asked the UK to suspend Hinkley Point C pending an environmental assessment: The UN Economic Commission for Europe requested the pause until it established whether “a notification under the Espoo Convention” was useful. The Espoo Convention sets out the obligations of countries to “assess the environmental impact of certain activities.” More >>>
17 Feb 2017: Failing New Nuclear Programme should be Scrapped: The Nuclear Free Local Authorities has called on UK ministers and officials to take stock of the UK’s new nuclear strategy. It is clearly failing to deliver. More >>>
23 Jan 2017: Stop Hinkley calls for Hinkley Point B to be shut down permanently: A new report published in the Scottish Parliament reveals that EDF Energy is asking the Office for Nuclear Regulation to relax safety standards by doubling the number of cracks allowed in the radioactive cores of ageing reactors like Hinkley Point B. More >>>
05 Jan 2017: Stop Hinkley calls for all work at Hinkley Point C to be suspended: Stop Hinkley is calling on EDF Energy to stop all work on Hinkley Point C at least until the French nuclear industry gets a clean bill of health from the French regulator and we know the outcome of the ongoing investigation into the use of poor quality steel at the reactor being built at Flamanville. More >>>
01 Dec 2016: Hinkley Point C: A Story of Good vs Evil for the Pantomime Season: Solar power is expected to be the cheapest form of energy (not just electricity) everywhere in the world by around 2030.Yet the UK Government and the French nuclear industry continue to struggle on with failed nuclear technology. Stop Hinkley says it’s a real story of good versus evil for the pantomime season. More >>>
29 Sep 2016: Signing of Contracts with EDF an Enormous Error of Judgement: According to news reports the UK Government will today sign contracts with EDF Energy for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station. More >>>
14 Sep 2016: Over 300,000 people call for Hinkley to be scrapped: Stop Hinkley campaigners will join Greenpeace at 11am on Thursday 15th September to hand in a petition at 10 Downing Street. More >>>
31 Aug 2016: If it’s jobs they want, Labour and the Unions should back renewables not Hinkley Point C: The 900 direct permanent jobs which could be created at Hinkley Point C would cost electricity consumers an extra £800,000 per job per year compared to jobs in renewables in terms of increased costs of electricity. More >>>
03 Aug 2016: Government Hinkley Point C review a wonderful opportunity to declare Somerset the sustainable energy hub for England: It has now been a few days since the Government shocked the energy industry by announcing a further review of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station just a few hours after EDF approved the project. More >>>
26 July 2016: Stop Hinkley says a Final Investment Decision for Hinkley Point C would be little more than spin as problems mount for nuclear delusion: Ahead of an expected Final Investment Decision by EDF’s Board on 28th July, Stop Hinkley has written to the new Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to ask him to stamp his own mark on energy policy by ditching proposals for a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point C. (letter here). More >>>
12 July 2016: Vivienne Westwood becomes Stop Hinkley Campaign Patron: With EDF Energy’s plans to build two massive new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point in Somerset looking ever more precarious, Dame Vivienne Westwood DBE has announced that she will become a
patron of the Stop Hinkley Campaign. More >>>
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