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Nuclear Waste Management and Decommissioning
Rad Waste in Cardiff Bay briefing Oct 2017 Oct 2017: The potential radiological consequences of the marine disposal of 300,000 tonnes of radioactively contaminated dredged sediments from the proposed Bridgewater bay/Hinkley Point C new nuclear reactor at the "Cardiff Bay Grounds" marine disposal site.
Dodgy Decommissioning Deals 31 Oct 2017: Dodgy Decommissioning Deals: The UK Government has been forced to pay out £97m in a settlement with two US companies – Energy Solutions and Bechtel - for mishandling the way it awarded the £6.1bn Magnox nuclear decommissioning contract. The BBC’s File on Four has been delving in to some of the details of the contract, and what they have discovered suggests what went on was more than just “dramatic levels of incompetence”, as the Labour Party called it, but was, in fact, a deliberate attempt to manipulate the outcome of the tender process.
Hinkley C & Nuclear Waste Stop Hinkey Briefing Sept 2016: Hinkley Point C and Nuclear Waste
The Impact of New Reactors on UK's RadWaste Stop Hinkley Briefing 25 Jan 2016:The Impact of a New Reactor Programme on the UK's Radioactive Waste Inventory
Consultation on the management of overseas fuels in the UK Stop Hinkley's Response to the DECC Consultation on the management of overseas origin nuclear fuels held in the UK [Author: Dr Rachel E J Western, BA (Oxon) PhD MRSC]
DECC review of siting for GDF Dec 2013: Stop Hinkley's responce to the DECC Review of the Siting Process for a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF)
Stop Hinkley's Response to NDA Consultation on a Framework for Sustainability Appraisal and Environmental Assessment for Geological Disposal Nov 2008
Nov 2008: Stop Hinkley's response to NDA Consultation on a Framework for Sustainability Appraisal and Environmental Assessment for Geological Disposal
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Stop Hinkley's response to the DEFRA consultation in November 2007
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The Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoWRM)
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Burying safety issues on nuclear waste is not an option: A year after the CoRWM report, the government is still ignoring the advice from its own committee. It has eagerly accepted what it sees as the solution of deep geological disposal, but it has done little to address the vital prerequisites CoRWM called for. Read More >>>>>
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Stop Hinkley's Response in Nov 2005 to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority's Strategy Document
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The submission to CoWRM from the Gloucestershire Green Party in Feb 2006. This is a very comprehensive and extremely useful document. If CORWM are really open to the consultation process, this document will prove very persuasive.
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GOVERNMENT HAS NO SOLUTIONS TO NUCLEAR WASTE PROBLEM. Gloucestershire Green party have made another submission to the Government's consultation about what should be done with our growing nuclear waste problem. They conclude again that this, along with other safety and economic, arguments mean that new nuclear power stations make no sense.
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What will be the total cost of nuclear waste?
We won't know until the final bill has been totted up in thousands of years. EdF won't take on that liability. EdF and the UK government are planning to dump it onto future generations.

"if anybody, including BNFL were given a choice about whether to start building a large oxide reprocessing plant now, the answer would almost certainly be in the negative. THORP may be a marvel of modern engineering, but it is a marvel designed in a period of unreserved optimism about nuclear power that has now passed "
[Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry]



In January 2008 Liberal Democrat Shadow Environment Secretary, and Northavon MP, Steve Webb said: "The price of dealing with existing nuclear waste has leapt by a staggering £17 billion in the last four years alone. Suggestions that costs may soar even further in the future are very disturbing.

"Since no one seems to know what the final cost for decommissioning will be, how can the Government promise that taxpayers will not end up bailing out the private sector?

"How much is it going to cost our children to clean up the mess left by the new generation of nuclear power stations being planned by this Government?"



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