Stop Hinkley is dedicated to the decommissioning of all the nuclear reactors on the Bristol Channel and the Severn Estuary and is committed to the introduction of greener technologies more appropriate to this millennium.

Stop Hinkley started life in the mid-eighties as 'Stop Hinkley Expansion' (SHE). As the name suggests, the goal was to ward off the government plan to build a new Pressurised Water Reactor known as Hinkley C.

SHE was central in co-ordinating the opposing groups in the 14 month long public inquiry and in particular linked with Somerset County Council who set up the Consortium of Opposing Local Authorities. Greenpeace UK funded local workers during the campaign, which ensured a high profile in the local media as well as close monitoring of the inquiry proceedings.

After Hinkley C was shelved in 1996 the name was changed to Stop Hinkley. The same year saw a successful campaign to shut down one of the nuclear incinerators at the site during which the Low Level Radiation Campaign were important advisors.

In 1999 a campaign was launched to shut the ageing Hinkley 'A' station. Six months later, after much media coverage, top quality public speakers like John Large (nuclear consultant) and a cancer mortality study by Chris Busby, BNFL announced the closure of the station! In a private meeting a BNFL top manager said that although they were prepared to spend a lot of money to solve the engineering problems, the station had lost its credibility through our campaign.

In 2002 the Government announced a moratorium on building new nuclear power stations - again we were key campaigners. Now, however, Hinkley C is now back on the Agenda and we will be co-ordinating with other groups to campaign vigorously against nuclear power locally and nationally as well as continuing to campaign for renewable energy and energy conservation.

The costs of nuclear power, which will be paid by us all - now and in the future - are too great to justify the profit made by a few.

Every other month we produce an informative newsletter which is sent out to all our members, keeping them up to date with relevant news and the latest information. We hold regular committee and social meetings and anyone is very welcome to attend as we are always pleased to discuss issues and comments on our campaign, though only SH members have voting rights. We also organise public meetings with speakers. (See Events).

Read some reports on past events and other activities here.

Raymond Briggs, Julie Christie, Terry Jones,
Caroline Lucas MP, Jonathon Porritt, Molly Scott Cato MEP,
Dame Vivienne Westwood and John Williams

Stop Hinkley Street Stalls
Jo and her team usually run the stall in Bridgwater, Taunton and Glastonbury.
We are also hoping that people in other towns will start up their own stalls. 

It really is easy. All you need is a small light table and some leaflets which you can download here (or contact us for supplies).
If you would like to help out with these stalls or start one in your local town,
please contact Jo Smoldon [click here].

Oct 2017: A tribute to Cecily Collingridge: Cecily had been involved in the Stop Hinkley campaign for many years. She was one of the most knowledgeable people in our group on the science of radiation and its effects on the human body. More >>>

29 Aug 2016: Stop Hinkley hosted a Green Regional Environment minister from Upper Austria with members of his staff and journalists from four Austrian national newspapers visited England to find out about how Hinkley C was progressing and meet some Stop Hinkley members. More >>>




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