A United Nations body has asked the UK to suspend Hinkley Point C pending an environmental assessment.

20 March 2017

A United Nations committee has asked the U.K. to suspend construction of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant pending assessment of the environmental impact.

The UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) requested the pause until it established whether “a notification under the Espoo Convention” was useful. The Espoo Convention sets out the obligations of countries to “assess the environmental impact of certain activities.”

The UK has failed to properly consult neighbouring countries over the potential environmental risks of building the new nuclear reactors in Somerset.

Germany, Norway and the Netherlands have now formally requested that a transboundary environmental impact assessment is carried out. So UNECE has asked the UK to suspend work at Hinkley Point until the assessment has been carried out.

Stop Hinkley Spokesperson, Roy Pumfrey said: “This is yet another embarrassment for the Government and its obsession with outdated, dangerous nuclear technology.

This month we have already seen the Daily Telegraph warn that the old energy order is drawing to a close and that Theresa May’s Government will be cursed for locking us into Hinkley Point C’s ruinously high prices. Commentators and energy experts from all shades of opinion have told her that this phenomenally expensive project is an unnecessary form of power generation.

Unlike previous Prime Ministers we know she is not averse to the occasional U-turn, so she should take the opportunity presented by the United Nations Committee to call a halt to this project now.”

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Stop Hinkley asks why should anyone believe this astonishing level of incompetence will suddenly end when we start building new reactors?

29 March 2017

The day after the Government announced it was being forced to pay nearly £100m for botching a nuclear decommissioning contract and on the same day that nuclear company Westinghouse has filed for bankruptcy in the US courts , the Stop Hinkley Campaign asks why anyone should believe that this astonishing level of incompetence will suddenly end when we start building new reactors?

The Government also announced that it will cancel the £6.1bn contract to decommission 12 old nuclear sites, including Hinkley Point A, nine years early because of the huge increase in work which needs to be done to decommission these sites.

The Toshiba-owned Westinghouse Company has built more nuclear reactors than any other company. It owns a 60% share of the NuGen consortium which had been hoping to build three Westinghouse AP1000-type reactors at Moorside next to Sellafield in Cumbria.

Stop Hinkley Spokesperson Roy Pumfrey said: “Why should anyone believe that this astonishing level of incompetence will suddenly end when we start to build new reactors? Just because Hinkley Point C is not a Magnox reactor doesn't just suddenly make the industry competent.”

The Daily Telegraph declared today “if we could, we would stop this madness. In committing to new nuclear, we seem to have joined a runaway train, with no hope of getting off. Has not the time finally arrived for a fully fledged rethink of the merits of Britain's nuclear energy strategy?”

Roy Pumfrey continued: “We agree – it is time to stop this madness. The UK's nuclear decommissioning costs have increased from £55.8 billion in 2008 to £117.4 billion at the last count. Although EDF is required to set aside funds for decommissioning Hinkley Point C, this is only up to an agreed limit. The taxpayer will be on the hook for the all too predictable shortfall.”

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