Hinkley Point C reactor – a slow motion car crash

11 April 2018

Commenting on today's news that EDF has found defects in the welding in pipework of the reactor it is building at Flamanville in Normandy which is the same type as the one proposed for Hinkley Point C, Stop Hinkley spokesperson Roy Pumfrey said

“The European Pressurised Water Reactor (EPR) reactor proposed for Hinkley Point C is like watching a car crash in slow motion. It is the unloved, unwanted, and unbuildable child of former EDF boss Vincent de Rivas. We can still stop this before it gets even worse. Although abandoning this ill-fated project now would incur cancellation costs consumers could still save almost £1.5bn per year for 35 years from 2027 onwards.”

“25 years after French engineers began working on the EPR, EDF has yet to get one up and running. Flamanville is seven years late, one in Finland is ten years late and even two in China will be at least five years late.”

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Nuclear watchdog raises Hinkley Point C concerns

Guardian 25 March

The UK nuclear regulator has raised concerns with EDF Energy over management failings that it warns could affect safety at the Hinkley Point C power station if left unaddressed, official documents reveal.

Britain’s chief nuclear inspector identified several shortcomings in the way the French firm is managing the supply chain for the £20bn plant it is building in Somerset.

In October and November 2017, a team of 11 inspectors led by Foy visited the Hinkley site, EDF facilities in Bristol and Paris, and a French factory making parts for the plant.

The visits were triggered by the regulator’s concerns that EDF did not have sufficient oversight of the Creusot nuclear forge in France, where records have been found to be falsified.

A summary of the inspections, published by the ONR earlier this month, judged EDF’s supply chain management to be improving but below standard in some areas.

The full reports, released to the Guardian under freedom of information rules, paint a critical picture. More >>>


Hinkley Point C and the Gold Rush Economy

23 April 2018

Soaring rents are not just a big city problem when huge infrastructure projects descend on small towns. Rents in Bridgwater, the town closest to Hinkley Point, have risen by about 8% in the last year. This extraordinary increase has put local people at risk of homelessness due to their inability to compete with the high wages paid to Hinkley Point C workers.

David Eccles, EdeF Spokesman, has been quoted as saying "Hinkley is delivering a massive boost to the economy of the whole South West and that means that some things get more expensive because more work for the Supply Chain means a better economy.

Stop Hinkley Spokesperson Roy Pumfrey said: "The callous attitude of the EdeF Spokesman betrays their disregard for any local people unlucky enough to be caught under the wheels of the HPC juggernaut. A Gold Rush economy has arrived in Somerset and anyone expecting a major infrastructure project to arrive in their vicinity anytime soon should be aware of the implications for their neighbourhood".

Meanwhile, local Councillors and Officers shrug their shoulders and wring their hands at how ineffectual their efforts to push a few hundred bed spaces forward have proved to be. Seven hotels are being built in Bridgwater that cannot hope to survive, except as B&Bs for displaced local people, after the main HPC works end. A ‘perfect storm’ has enveloped the town as Universal Credits, reduced benefit levels and the demands of Hinkley C combine to adversely affect those at risk of homelessness.

Even casual visitors to the area are finding it hard to find a simple B&B, so the tourist industry will undoubtedly be badly affected.

It’s still not too late to cancel Hinkley Point C. It might incur a cancellation cost of around £2bn, but consumers could save around £50bn over its lifetime, or £1.5bn per year over 35 years.

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15 Mar 2018:
Stop Hinkley submission to the Consultation on the National Policy Statement for new nuclear above 1gw post 2025:

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