Over 300,000 people call for Hinkley to be scrapped

14 September 2016

Stop Hinkley campaigners will join Greenpeace at 11am on Thursday 15th September to hand in a petition at No.10 Downing Street.

In advance of a possible Hinkley decision, due sometime before the end of September, Stop Hinkley will join Greenpeace to hand in a petition with over 300,000 signatures at 10 Downing Street.

This follow on from a public opinion poll commissioned by Greenpeace which showed that support amongst the general public for Hinkley Point C has fallen to a new low of only 25%, whilst nearly half (44%) oppose it.

The petition calls on Theresa May to drop the eye wateringly expensive Hinkley and invest in renewable power instead.

Stop Hinkley spokesperson Sue Aubrey said: "Virtually all major national newspapers and commentators have been calling for Hinkley to be cancelled for months. This petition and recent opinion polls show that the public agrees with them and supports Stop Hinkley’s view that there is no widespread support for new nuclear, particularly at Hinkley Point. Consumers can tell that the project may be unconstructable, requires vast subsidies and would generate electricity too expensive to use.”

Aubrey continued: "The Government’s nuclear delusions are trying to put the brakes on a renewable energy revolution taking place around the world. They can’t bring themselves to admit that smart, efficient and renewable energy systems are sounding the death-knell for nuclear power and are standing in the way of the West of England joining this energy revolution – they really do make King Canute look like an amateur. It’s time that Somerset was given the opportunity to join the future.”

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Thousands of people helped Greenpeace to get an ad in The Times

Thanks to donations from more than 4,000 people, Greenpeace ran an ad in The Times to expose just how unpopular Hinkley nuclear plant is.

The ad features quotes from The Economist, HSBC and other influential voices -- all of whom are united in opposition to the troubled nuclear plant.

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If it’s jobs they want, Labour and the Unions should back renewables not Hinkley Point C

31 Aug 2016

The 900 direct permanent jobs which could be created at Hinkley Point C would cost electricity consumers an extra £800,000 per job per year compared to jobs in renewables in terms of increased costs of electricity. Renewable energy is a far better job-creator than nuclear, and already employs three times more people, according to Dr Ian Fairlie writing on The Ecologist website.

The Trade Unions currently calling for Hinkley Point C to go-ahead should instead give their support to renewables which could become an even greater jobs provider than they are already especially if we seize the opportunites quickly and develop a global export trade in key renewable energy technologies.

Stop Hinkley Spokesperson Roy Pumfrey said: “The few permanent jobs Hinkley Point C might generate are not worth the exorbitant cost. Developing renewables will generate many more permanent jobs than Hinkley Point C ever will.”

Vincent de Rivaz, the Chief Executive of EDF Energy, was pleading with Theresa May to go-ahead with Hinkley Point C in an article in the Sunday Telegraph. He accused critics of overlooking the positive impact and importance of the investment for Britain.

But Roy Pumfrey said: “Whilst EdF is rushing to bet the farm on Hinkley Point C, the British Government should be in no hurry to take this lousy bet.”

As Dr Fairlie says if it’s jobs the Unions and Labour wants, the £37bn cost to electricity consumers, as estimated by the National Audit Office, could far more usefully be spent on renewables and energy efficiency programmes.

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Vivienne Westwood becomes Stop Hinkley Patron

With EDF Energy's plans to build two massive new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point in Somerset looking ever more precarious, Dame Vivienne Westwood DBE has announced that she will become a patron of the Stop Hinkley Campaign.

The French Trade Unions have declared that they remain convinced the Hinkley project should be postponed until a litany of problems has been solved, and there is increasing speculation that the project will be ditched after the Brexit vote. Now Stop Hinkley is re-doubling its efforts to ensure that this foolhardy scheme is cancelled as soon as possible.

Fashion designer and activist, Vivienne Westwood said: "Hinkley Point C is not a solution to the climate change problem. It will simply trap us into the same system that gave us fossil fuels. We need a different sort of economy - a fair economy founded on true human values, and cheap and infinite sustainable energy."

She continued: "Climate change is a global emergency. We can't wait around while the big utilities build an expensive and dangerous nuclear plant, which is late and over-budget. We need to start building a sustainable energy system now. I tell my customers 'Buy Less - Choose Well'. We need to do the same with energy. Our priority should be saving energy first. It is perfectly feasible, quicker and cheaper, to replace all the proposed nuclear stations by reducing our energy consumption."

Stop Hinkley spokesperson Roy Pumfrey says: "Vivienne Westwood is a welcome addition to our growing list of patrons. She will be helping us to spearhead a drive for new members. Unlike Government Ministers, she understands that nuclear power is seriously damaging our efforts to tackle climate change. The campaign against the white elephant Hinkley Point C project is going from strength to strength."

The Stop Hinkley Campaign's other patrons are:

•  Jonathon Porritt - environmental campaigner
•  Molly Scott Cato - Green Party MEP
•  Caroline Lucas - Green Party MP
•  Raymond Briggs - author
•  Julie Christie - actor
•  Terry Jones - of Monty Python
•  John Williams - musician

Please support Stop Hinkley. The larger our membership is, the louder our voice.

The suggested annual subscription is £12 for an individual (£5 unwaged) or £20 for a family. We ask you to donate as much as you feel able, but whatever you give, however small, is gratefully received.

Or send your name and address to Vivienne Westwood, c/o 259 Burntwood Lane, London SW17 0AW [with optional donation payable to Stop Hinkley]

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Hinkley Point C –
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Some dreams come true; others turn to disaster and turn into nightmares. Hinkley Point C nuclear power station has been a dream to many politicians, is it about to come true?
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What will be the total cost of nuclear waste?
We won't know until the final bill has been totted up in thousands of years. EdF won't take on that liability. EdF and the UK government are planning to dump it onto future generations.



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