Anti-nuclear protest at Hinkley Point

1 April 2015

Anti-nuclear protestors have been staging a sit-down protest near Hinkley Point in Somerset. Campaigners from South-west Against Nuclear, Nuclear Free Bristol & Bristol CND say they're carrying out the action against plans to extend the operation of the ageing 'B' reactor.

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The previous European Commission has approved scandalous nuclear subsidies for the construction and operation of the largest nuclear power plants in the world at Hinkley Point. This opens the floodgates for the construction of new nuclear power plants in Europe. We have appealed directly to the European Commission to complain against it. But only when the pressure of citizens is higher than the influence of the nuclear lobby will the new EC take back the wrong decision.

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Stop Hinkley calls on Labour to re-examine Hinkley Deal

3 March 2015

The Stop Hinkley Campaign, along with Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and the Nuclear Free Local Authorities, has written to the Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change to ask her to commit to re-examining the deal between the UK Government and EDF Energy regarding Hinkley Point C in the event of the Labour Party winning the next election.

Regrettably Tom Greatrex, Labour's shadow energy minister, has recently said he believes nuclear power must remain a part of the UK's energy mix, but he has also called for the Hinkley deal to be scrutinised by the National Audit Office to make sure it's the best deal for the UK taxpayer.

Stop Hinkley Spokesperson, Roy Pumfrey said: “The recent renewable energy auction held under the new ‘contract for difference' pricing mechanism has now shown that, without doubt, most renewable energy is cheaper than nuclear power, and costs are continuing to fall. The least that the Labour Party can do now is to commit to re-examining the Hinkley deal, before consumers are forced to pay for over-priced and unnecessary electricity for the next 35 years.”

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A group from Stop Hinkley went to Brussels to protest against the subsidy for Hinkley C. We were joined by representatives of anti-nuclear groups from many other countries including Austria, Holland, Belgium and Germany. The demo took place outside the EU headquarters and our Euro MP Molly Scott Cato joined the list of speakers who inspired us.

The World Nuclear Industry Status Report
The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2014
The world's nuclear statistics are distorted by an anomaly whose cause is not technical but political. Three years after the Fukushima events started unfolding on 11 March 2011, government, industry and international institutional organizations continue to misrepresent the effects of the disaster on the Japanese nuclear program. To find a more appropriate way to deal with this situation, the World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2014 proposes a new category called Long-Term Outage. Click here for report

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What will be the total cost of nuclear waste?
We won't know until the final bill has been totted up in thousands of years. EdF won't take on that liability. EdF and the UK government are planning to dump it onto future generations.



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