Hinkley Point uncooked Christmas Turkey

Stop Hinkley Press Release 14th December 2017

On Thursday Stop Hinkley members arrived at Hinkley Point C building site to deliver the uncooked Christmas dinner turkey and asked It's 2017, EDeF! Where's the lecce for the HPC turkey?

In 2007 EDeF declared that we would be cooking our Christmas turkey's in 2017 with electricity generated from the new HPC.

Spokesman Allan Jeffery said We have waited 10 years and now there is another 10 year wait even if they ever manage to finish building it successfully. The EPR's design has been a construction disaster, recognised by the national press. By now the electricity demand could have been met by energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, which could be built cheaper and more quickly.

Stop Hinkley members delivered the turkey with their own Christmas carol, to the tune of O Little Town of Bethelehem'.

Oh little town of Bridgwater
How sad we see thee lie
Along your ever gridlocked streets
The HGVs grind by

For EdeF's decided
Their project cannot wait
You know the score, there's hundreds more
Forever you'll be late!





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