Stop Hinkley Press Release 21 Feb 2014

Floods Tsunamis and Earthquakes...

Stop Hinkley Campaigners today expressed concerns about the M4.1 earthquake that struck of the coast of the southwest very close to the current and planned Hinkley Point reactors. Campaign spokesperson Nikki Clark said “Whilst this quake was a ‘light' quake, meaning that there was noticeable shaking of indoor objects and rattling noises and that it would be felt by most people in the affected area, it is a sobering reminder that even here in Somerset that we are not immune to the vagaries of the earth's plate tectonic movements. Atomic Power enthusiasts like to claim events like Fukushima couldn't happen here, but today's quake reminds us that they are perfectly possible. Whilst today's quake is no guarantee that we will have bigger more significant quakes in the future, equally we can't guarantee that we won't have bigger more significant quakes future.”

Campaigners expressed concerns about the ability to respond to an emergency at Hinkley during the current emergency situation being experienced in Somerset due to this winter's extensive flooding – claimed to be some of the worst seen in 250 years. Ms Clark said “I was out at Hinkley last Friday and the road to Shurton was shut due to the flooding and the road to the station itself had some significant flooding that could potentially become impassable.”

She added “The post Fukushima Weightman report compiled by the UK 's ONR (Office for Nuclear Regulation) claimed that the UK earthquakes are ‘far beyond the most extreme natural events that the UK would be expected to experience'. However today's M4.1 quake, which centred around Exmoor Park 3 miles under the Bristol Channel shows that this is clearly not the case – there are coastal quakes here in the UK, and whilst the probability of Hinkley being struck by a M9 quake and a Tsunami is pretty small, the one thing that Fukushima should have taught us is that you can never say never. Not only does this area suffer from quakes, but tectonic activity in the area may be implicated in the 1607 Tsunami that devastated the low-lying coastal area that the Hinkley Point current and planned reactors occupy. The Tsunami was the UK 's largest recorded in British History.”

The Hinkley Point site is surrounded by the Bristol Channel to the North and its other sides are the currently flooded low-lying areas of the currently flooded Somerset levels. Said Ms Clark “It is utterly unthinkable that more nuclear mess should be created here in Somerset . We call for a moratorium on nuclear new-build and demand the immediate shutdown of the remaining UK fleet. There are much easier and safer ways to produce electricity - it is far cheaper to not generate the energy in the first place, than generate it than pay for what you've wasted.


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