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19 November 2013

Former Euro MP decides to take the Hinkley fight to Europe

Stop Hinkley campaigners today welcomed the news that Richard Cotterell, a former Euro MP for Bristol (1979-1989), has decided to re-enter European politics as an independent on a 'Stop Hinkley Point' ticket.

Said spokesperson Nikki Clark "We welcome Richard's decision to stand in the June 2014 European elections. Bristolians, just like us here at Hinkley, have been denied a voice on Hinkley C through the biased planning process (Infrastructure Planning Commission) introduced by the previous government. We're sure that Bristolians will relish the chance to make their voices heard about Hinkley at the European Ballot Box".

Bristol lies close to all of the reactors in the southwest, with Oldbury and Berkeley to the north in Gloucester and Hinkley Point A and the still operating B station in the south. Although Oldbury, Berkeley and Hinkley Point A are all being 'decommissioned' there is still considerable high level and intermediate level radioactive waste stored on the sites which, as we've seen in Fukushima , is very vulnerable to natural disasters at the coast. As well as the threats posed by the old sites, Hinkley B with it's cracked graphite core has, despite concerns raised by the former N.I.I., had it's life extended, highly dangerous spent fuel is regularly transported through Bristol stations such as Temple Meads and Stapleton Road as it makes it's way to Sellafield and an uncertain future.

Said Ms Clark "We know that Europeans, many of whom are abandoning nuclear power, are very concerned about the UK 's planned nuclear program. We have no doubts that if Richard's election campaign is successful, concerns he raises in Europe about Hinkley will not fall on deaf ears."


For Interviews contact Nikki Clark 07736930069 or Theo Simon 07455325961


Notes to editors

  1. Cracks in the Graphite Core:

  2. Nuclear trains in Bristol:

  3. Oldbury nuclear power plant:

  4. Berkeley nuclear power station:

  5. In January 2013 West Cumbria , the only community to have considered hosting a waste dump, decided to withdraw from the governments MRWS scheme:


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