EDF “preparing to pull-out” of Hinkley C

23 April 2013

Lay-offs from EDF's new Hinkley C development are a sign that the project could be on the verge of collapse, according to local campaigners in Somerset.

"With today's announcement of further lay-offs at Hinkley C, it looks like EDF could be preparing to pull-out,” said Theo Simon of the Stop Hinkley campaign.

"There is a growing tide of challenges now being raised against the new nuclear plant - including doubts over its radioactive waste plan, EU competition laws, lack of adequate investment and the continued failure to reach agreement over fixing our future electricity prices in advance - so it's not surprising that EDF are ready to cut their losses and run. But it will of course be a blow to the people in West Somerset who have pinned their hopes on EDFs PR promises of jobs and prosperity for all”.

"The scary thing is that, despite EDF's assurances that it is not “holding a gun to the governments head”, this announcement may also be another attempt to up the pressure on failing negotiations over the guaranteed future energy price, which EDF want to fix for the next 40 years at twice the current rate, at our expense. If it is a negotiating ploy, it's a very cynical way to play with the livelihoods of the people getting laid off. It doesn't bode well for the reliability, loyalty or honesty of the French state corporation, which wants to tie the fortunes of our county and our national energy supply to its own until the next century”.

"The sad situation now facing Hinkley C workers highlights the negligence that the County and District Councils showed towards the interests of Somerset and it's people when they jumped so compliantly onto EDF's bandwagon without first making sure that the project was economically and ecologically sustainable. I hope that people will be remembering that when they vote in next week's county council elections, and checking where candidates stand on Somerset becoming a radioactive waste dump for the next few thousand years”.

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Contact: Theo Simon, Stop Hinkley Press.



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