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"Worst ever week for Hinkley C"

4 February 2013

Theo Simon, a spokesperson for the Stop Hinkley campaign group in Somerset, has hailed the past 7 days as "the worst ever" for EDF's delayed new nuclear plans.

"This has to be one of the worst weeks for EDF since they began their Hinkley C project. Cumbria has rejected hosting an underground dump for their nuclear waste, the true public cost of storing our existing waste - £67.5 billion - has just come to light and now EDF's major investment partner Centrica has pulled out. In what is also the anniversary week of a near meltdown at Fukushima , it's reasonable for anyone to question whether the government should ever have started along this route."

And he rejected EDF's statement that momentum behind Hinkley C "remains strong", saying "In reality they are ready to pull out if the government doesn't fix them a favourable price to guarantee their profits, with taxpayers and consumers covering the hidden subsidies. On top of this, it's now clear that future generations of taxpayers are expected to pick up the tab for managing the 10,000 year waste pile they will leave behind in West Somerset - there is nowhere else to put it. If the Secretary of State gives Hinkley C the go-ahead in March it will be a national disgrace, which I'm sure will be challenged in the courts, even if our politicians are too spineless to make a stand."

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