Press Release 28 February 2011  

Stop Hinkley Responds to Latest EDF Nuclear Plans

The Stop Hinkley campaign has responded to the publication by French energy company EDF of its revised (Stage 3) proposals 1 for the construction of a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point. These are our comments:


Only 20% of the claimed thousands of jobs which would become available during the construction of “Hinkley C” will go to Somerset residents. This could include people who have moved into the area specifically to find work.

Thousands of jobs could equally as well be provided in the West Country by an alternative energy strategy involving a much greater commitment to energy conservation and developing renewable sources.

The number of permanent jobs created if Hinkley C is built would be similar to the workforce at Hinkley B, due to close before the new power station opens.


EDF has made no major alteration to its transport plans, such as taking up the proposal to build a bypass round Bridgwater, as repeatedly called for by local community representatives.


The £20 million Community Fund proposed by EDF will be spread out over the lifetime of the power station (predicted to be 60 years), not just the initial construction period.

This figure is also much less than the £100 million which Sedgemoor and West Somerset district councils consider to be an adequate sum 2 , and tiny compared to the estimated £10 billion cost of building the two reactors.

"EDF's new proposals gloss over the fact that constructing this new power station would be enormously disruptive for people who live in Somerset ,” said Stop Hinkley spokesman Crispin Aubrey. "Any temporary local benefits during construction must be set against the fact that, if allowed to start operation, Hinkley C would be an ongoing hazard to health and safety with a dangerous legacy of radioactive waste.”






For more information: Crispin Aubrey [Contact here], Press Officer, Stop Hinkley campaign.


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