Press Release 22 June 2010

"No More Nuclear Power in Somerset "
Stop Hinkley Campaign at Glastonbury Festival

The campaign against plans for a new nuclear power station in Somerset will have a strong presence at this year's Glastonbury Festival (23-27 June).

French company Electricite de France wants to build the largest nuclear plant in Britain at Hinkley Point, just 24 miles from the festival site. Nuclear waste from the new reactors would be stored at Hinkley for at least 160 years.

Opposing these plans, the Stop Hinkley campaign will be:

  • Collecting thousands of signatures to a petition asking Liberal Democrat Energy Minister Chris Huhne to stick to his party's policy of opposing nuclear power.
  • Displaying a banner reading "Blow Nuclear Away" (see attached photo) as part of the giant wall of messages on the festival site (on Stage Road near the John Peel tent).
  • Running an information stall next to the Croissant Neuf stage in the Green Fields with displays, badges and petition forms.
  • Entertaining festival-goers with a daily performance at the stall by the "Barbieshop" singing group (Friday to Sunday at 4.00pm).

Come and visit the Stop Hinkley stall in the Croissant Neuf field, hear the Barbieshop singers, find out why new nuclear power stations are a bad idea and how Britain can keep the lights on without them. The stall will be open every day from Wed 23rd to Sun 27th June (10 am to 8 pm).


For more information: phone Sue Aubrey (0796 603 4925)


Notes to editors : Green MP Caroline Lucas, a sponsor of the Stop Hinkley campaign, will be speaking from Glastonbury 's Pyramid stage on Friday 25th June at 2.40 pm.

The main arguments against a new "Hinkley C" nuclear power station in Somerset:

  • It will leave nuclear waste on the site for at least 160 years, adding to the stockpiles from previous nuclear plants for which there is no final resting place.
  • Nuclear power runs the risk of a catastrophic accident, radiation leaks and damage to local people's health.
  • Nuclear power has always proved more expensive than planned, requiring massive state subsidies. The cost of Hinkley C is £8 billion and rising.
  • The government is determined to rush the project through, with no local public inquiry.
  • Communities round Hinkley Point will be blighted for ten years or more by noise, construction traffic and a scarred coastline.
  • We don't need nuclear to keep the lights on. Britain can meet future electricity demand by a mixture of cutting energy consumption, major investment in renewable sources and cleaner fossil fuel generation.

Thanks to Crispin Aubrey for the press release text.


Jim Duffy, Stop Hinkley Coordinator [contact click here]


Stop Hinkley at Glastonbury Music Fesitval 2010

Stop Hinkley supporter, Sue Aubrey, made a splendid banner with the message 'Blow Nuclear Away' which was featured on the large wall of banners that is now a Glastonbury tradition.

The Stop Hinkley stall was easy to find in the Green Fields, standing out with the yellow 'SAY NO TO HINKLEY C' banner. The stall was ideally situated with a little garden in the front where children were playing with 3 eyed fish (from the Simpsons!).

Our team of 10, assisted by additional volunteers, worked hard in the extreme heat and collected 2,756 signatures on the petition. 138 festival goers also completed cards to be sent to Chris Huhne, calling on the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change to adhere to government's commitment of no financial subsidies for the nuclear industry.

Overwhelmingly, we felt it was worth all the effort as an awareness-raising exercise. We had lengthy discussions with people of all ages who held a wide variety of views, which gave us the opportunity to counter the pro-nuclear lobby's propaganda.

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