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22 February 2010

Stop Hinkley protestor arrested in Sizewell blockade

A Stop Hinkley active member has been arrested this morning during an ongoing blockade of Sizewell nuclear power station. Steven Mills also known as 'Chipper' had 'locked on' to a concrete post together with ten other campaigners, blocking the entrance road to Sizewell power station from 6 am today. All traffic was prevented from getting in or out of the power station and EdF Energy have had to put on special coaches with the workers walking around the protestors. Chipper 'self released' due to the severe cold and was immediately arrested and taken to Lowestoft police station where he is currently being held.

The demonstration is being held on the final day of the Government consultations on the 'Nuclear National Policy Statement' and 'Justification', an EU law requiring governments to justify any health detriment from new nuclear practices.

Jim Duffy, Stop Hinkley spokesman said: "The government can't be surprised that people take action like this to show how much they care about the environment which we must pass on to future generations. Our democracy is being eroded by centralising the decision over nuclear power and our children's children will have to try and keep all the nuclear products safe with none of the benefits."

He added: "I think we'll see much more of this around the country as people see the nuclear decision as a 'done deal' to which they strongly object."

The blockade was still in effect at 12.30 today with ten campaigners in attendance. See the press release below for more details.

Stop Hinkley has just sent in a 47 page response to the Nuclear National Policy Statement consultation and a 25 page response to the 'Justification' consultation. Both DECC consultations end today.

Jim Duffy, Stop Hinkley Coordinator



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22 Feb 10: Protesters blockade Sizewell: FIVE anti-nuclear power protesters blocked the entrance to Sizewell power station today. Representatives from the People Power not Nuclear Power Coalition wearing arm tubes locked themselves on to concrete just under the barrier at the main entrance. More >>>

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