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More anti-terror police at power stations

11th August 2008

Stop Hinkley campaigners fear that extra armed nuclear police will restrict their protests against developments at Hinkley Point. The news that the Civil Nuclear Constabulary is to be expanded into a new body, the Critical National Infrastructure force, means that the armed guard can also protect telephone and computer exchanges, ports, airports and other types of power stations.

Stop Hinkley has already found that its website is monitored by Bridgwater police who have telephoned the group at an early stage when protests might be likely. Filming with a regional TV company was interrupted when Civil Nuclear police stopped the film crew and campaigners asking detailed questions about their identities. Recently when EDF announced it had placed a bid for Hinkley B operators British Energy, the police called Stop Hinkley asking about their plans for a protest.

Jim Duffy, Stop Hinkley Coordinator said: "At one time we could put on peaceful demonstrations without hindrance, even after September 11th. Now we feel very closely watched but we are obviously not terrorists. We were stopped four times while filming about Hinkley C last year and two weeks ago were called to give details of our plans to demonstrate against the sale of British Energy to French owned EDF."

"Guarding against terrorism is one thing but there seems to be another agenda. With the big ongoing protest at Kingsbridge coal power station in Kent I can see the Government wants to put people off these gatherings even though they are lawful and peaceful. But expanding the powers of these guards is not the way to resolve peoples' concerns about climate change or nuclear power. A sustainable energy policy would be better."

Contact: Jim Duffy, Stop Hinkley Coordinator


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Alan Jeffery, Assistant Coordinator
David Taylor, Media spokesman
Richard Carder, North Somerset Rep


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Anti-terror patrols secretly stepped up at power stations

Daily Mail 11th August

Massive expansion of the Civil Nuclear Constabulary is being secretly planned to protect Britain 's most vulnerable terrorist targets.

The Mail on Sunday has learned that it will be transformed into the Critical National Infrastructure Police and mount armed patrols around all key installations nationwide, including power stations, phone and computer networks, oil and gas pipelines, ports and airports.

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