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8th June 2008

Stop Hinkley steps up campaign

Stop Hinkley has appointed a high-flying new campaigner in response to EdF's plans to build two nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point. David Taylor, former Regional Director of the successful 'No' campaign against the Euro, was also at different times Senior Assistant to an Independent Euro MP for the South West, and Number 1 Green Party European candidate for the region. He has been active in successful campaigns against Cruise Missiles at Greenham Common and USAF Molesworth, contributed to the demolition of a new nuclear incinerator at Hinkley Point and has demonstrated against Hinkley, Oldbury and Sizewell nuclear power stations.

David is part of an expanding team of Stop Hinkley campaigners which includes a former physics teacher at East Bridgwater community school and a former Bath Friends of the Earth campaigner.

Alan Jeffery from Blacklands in Bridgwater and Richard Carder in Bath both gave evidence in the previous Hinkley C inquiry held in 1988-89 and have followed the sudden revival of nuclear power with a sceptical interest.

The three join the existing team of campaigners.

Jim Duffy, Stop Hinkley Coordinator said: "Electricite de France with its vast spending power is proceeding apace with plans to put up the largest nuclear reactors in the world at Hinkley backed by the UK and French Governments. Our supporters want us to do our utmost to stop this and save future generations the risk of nuclear waste and accidents. David, with his vast media and political experience, will boost our efforts to get our message out clearly and widely, backed with the special expertise of Alan and Richard in physics and renewable energy, together with their local networking. 

David Taylor said: "I'm delighted to join this crucial campaign. EdF's plans, if achieved, will make Hinkley Point even more of a target for terrorists and will undoubtedly add to the excess of cancers and leukaemia already occurring in the area. Their plans, possibly for two reactors, would create a monstrous eyesore, and something that is useless in the fight to prevent climate change - which is likely to already be out of control by the time these reactors are ready to start up."

Jim Duffy, Stop Hinkley Coordinator, 07968 974805



David Taylor, Alan Jeffery and Richard Carder were appointed as 'Spokesman', 'Assistant Coordinator' and 'North Somerset Representative' respectively at a Stop Hinkley meeting on 7th June in Bridgwater.

David Taylor, Spokesman, will focus on regional TV interviews for the group and is available at short notice.
  • Brief campaigning history: Active in the successful campaigns against Cruise missiles at USAF Greenham Common and USAF Molesworth and in the campaign against Britain 's most recent nuclear power station, Sizewell 'B'.
  • Green Party Euro-candidate Somerset & N.Devon 1994
  • Senior Assistant to Michael Holmes MEP 2000-2002
  • SW Regional Director of the 'no' campaign 2002-2003
  • Green Party no.1 SW Euro-candidate 1999 and 2004
  • Gave media advice in a successful campaign against a new nuclear incinerator at Hinkley Point 1995-96
  • Owns and runs a conference centre at Compton Dundon near Glastonbury
  • Tel nos. 01458 272161(w) 01458 274130(h) and v.occasional use 07792 675179. E-mail: Click here

Alan Jeffery, Assistant Coordinator, will represent the group at a local level, writing letters to the media and linking with local groups. As well as being a physics expert he is well versed in renewable energy.
  • Physics teacher at East Bridgwater Community school 1975-1999
  • Gave evidence on the vulnerability of large scale nuclear power stations at the Hinkley C inquiry 1989
  • Member of Sedgemoor Green Party for over twenty years.
  • Contactable on 01278 425451

Richard Carder, North Somerset Representative, will speak on behalf of the campaign in the North Somerset, Bath and Bristol area.
  • Bath Friends of the Earth toxics campaigner since 1988
  • Gave evidence at the Hinkley C inquiry 1989
  • Bath Green Party candidate in general and local elections
  • Contactable on 01225 313531



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