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Campaigners rail at Brown's support for nuclear

13 June 2006

Stop Hinkley campaigners have expressed dismay at a signal from Gordon Brown that he supports Tony Blair's revival of the otherwise moribund nuclear industry. The Chancellor and likely successor to the Prime Minister wrote an article in Saturday's Times with a short reference suggesting reforms to energy policy which include nuclear power. This has surprised and dismayed campaigners who felt Brown might hold out against Blair's thrust to nuclear due to its unfavourable economics.

Jim Duffy from Stop Hinkley, said: "We're dismayed at Gordon Brown's comment as he was seen by many observers as likely to oppose a nuclear revival due to the huge costs that will fall on the taxpayer. Any nuclear construction project will require the Government to pay for lengthy licensing and planning processes, hike up electricity prices and subsidise decommissioning and indefinite nuclear waste management."

"But Brown has family connections to Electricite de France (EDF) who have ambitions to build ten reactors in the UK. Perhaps he has been persuaded that a 'smooth handover' from Blair would be made more effortless by also supporting nuclear but the environment will suffer from that short-term tactic."

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"And in Britain over the coming weeks and months we will demonstrate our enhanced flexibility with further reforms in planning, skills and labour markets, and in energy policy, including new nuclear..."

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