Stop Hinkley/Shut Oldbury Press Release

Five-fold increase in n-waste from
new power stations

Stop Hinkley (Shut Oldbury) campaigners have reacted angrily to a report that a new generation of nuclear power stations, potentially including Hinkley C (Oldbury B), would produce much more dangerous nuclear waste than that declared by BNFL.

Ten new power stations would increase the amount of high level nuclear waste five times over the amount currently due to be dealt with. This compares with a mere ten per cent extra waste that BNFL said would be produced by the same number of power stations and which led a Government committee to say the waste issue couldn't be used as an argument to hold back new nuclear build. BNFL had misleadingly reported on the overall volume of waste predicted but had not emphasized the proportion of much more hazardous spent fuel that would arise.

In a change of policy the extra waste would also be stored locally on site if Hinkley C (Oldbury) and other new nuclear power stations get the go-ahead in this year's Energy Review. Currently the hot spent fuel is transported by road through the streets of Bridgwater then by rail through north Somerset, Bristol and Gloucestershire to Sellafield where it is stored then reprocessed. But a new power station at Hinkley (Oldbury) will mean this waste will be left on site for up to a hundred years, also a concern for campaigners.

Jim Duffy, spokesman for Stop Hinkley (Shut Oldbury), said, "Once again the nuclear industry has misled the public over its plans. We already have a massive stockpile of nuclear waste including plutonium that will be dangerous for tens of thousands of years and with no clarity on how to deal with it fifty years into the nuclear project. Now the public is expected to sit back and accept a five-fold increase in the worst waste with the double whammy that it will be stuck at Hinkley (Oldbury), creating an extra safety risk, flooding risk and terrorist target. The arguments against Hinkley C (Oldbury B) are adding up and overwhelming."

Jim Duffy
Stop Hinkley Coordinator (& Shut Oldbury Campaign)
9 January 2006

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