Former Nuclear engineers discuss Areva, EPRs and the Nuclear Industry. Part 1

Molly Scott Cato's speech at Aldermaston Wool Against Weapons 9th Aug 2014
During Molly's speech she remembers both the Nagasaki bomb and Fukushima disaster. She emphasises the link between nuclear power and nuclear weapons and reminds us we must continue to campaign to stop Hinkley C being built.

Fukushima First Hand
A talk by Geoff Read and his wife Mitsuko on their experience at the time of the Fukushima reactor melt down and the current ongoing nuclear disaster. They include advice and recommendations for those in the UK. Having evacuated his family from Japan to UK Geoff says "we need real information to protect our children".

Hinkley C Public Debate
Protester Crispin Aubrey says Process Undemocratic & Flawed

Hinkley C Site Reclamation Feb 2012

Falling Out With Nuclear
An excellent 35 minute film about the problems with nuclear in the UK. Including various interview about renewable alternatives.

Fukushima: BBC Horizon debunked!

Short film made by Stop Hinkley and Greenpeace about Fukushima, Hinkley and the renewable alternatives that was shown at the 2011 Glastonbury Festival

Jeremy Rifkin explains to the French why "Nuclear is Dead"
(in English with French subtitles)
Jeremy Rifkin is the founder and president of the Foundation On Economic Trends, which explores the impact of scientific and technological changes on the economy, the workforce, society, and the environment.

In a report by Chris Busby and Cecily Collingridge for Green Audit, analysis is presented showing the presence of enriched uranium contamination on the site proposed for the new nuclear reactors. This video includes an interview with Cecily Collingridge and shows her delivering the report to the local council and attempting to deliver it to EDF who run Hinkley

Cecily Collingridge (Stop Hinkley member) confronts Hergen Haye, Head of new nuclear, with the fact that the land at Hinkley C is contaminated with 10 tonnes of enriched uranium. This problem is likely to apply to all existing nuclear power stations.

Chris Huhne, Secretary of State in the Department of Energy and Climate Change, tells us about nuclear power. Perfectly illustrating the two-faced nature of politicians!

Jonathan Porritt explains why nuclear plans are totally wrong.

A new nuclear power station at Hinkley point is not needed and would leave an unacceptable legacy to future generations. Jonathon Porritt voiced his views to a packed meeting of local anti-nuclear campaigners who are opposing the Somerset scheme.

If the video is blocked by your computer, click here to see part of Jonathon Porritt's talk on YouTube








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DVD of Jonathon Porritt's talk in Taunton

Watch Jonathon Porritt's eloquent case against nuclear power from the comfort of your armchair! You can purchase a DVD film of the inspiring 90 minute talk given by Jonathon for just £5.

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Nuclear reactors: safe and cost-effective?

24 Aug 2010: Fears are growing about the safety of nuclear technology destined for a reactor in France. At Flamanville, a new third generation reactor is supposed to be activated in 2012, but tests have been deemed unsatisfactory by France's nuclear safety authority. This has fuelled debate on the future of nuclear energy, as France hopes to sell third generation reactors around the world.

Click Here to see the debate on French TV about the risks from the EPR reactor being built at Flamanvile. 14 mins in English - includes Steven Mitchell from Sortir du Nucleaire campaign group.



'Nuclear Cover-ups' DVD from the Low Level Radiation Campaign was produced in 2005. It contains three films
* "Nuclear cover ups" Producer Chris Busby; LLRC 2005
* "Cancers Plant" (Cancer in children), Producer Tweli Griffiths, HTV Wales; 2004. In Welsh with English subtitles. This is the HTV documentary which revealed the high rate of cancer and leukaemia in children on the Menai Strait in north Wales - a phenomenon LLRC ascribe to radioactive pollution from Sellafield
* "Nuclear Controversies", Producer Wladimir Tcherkoff, Feldat Film (Switzerland) 2004. This was filmed at an international conference in Kiev of the World Health Organisation and the Association of Physicians of Chernobyl. It captures a conspiracy to alter conference decisions the IAEA didn't like. This is an antidote to the flat-out pro-nuclear propaganda film "Nuclear Nightmares" (BBC Horizon 2006)

Mr magical molecule by Seize the Day
Click here to listen

Seize The Day are a Somerset-based radical English acoustic band with global roots.
They write songs to celebrate, inspire and support the liberation of life.

They will make a donation to Stop Hinkley for every download originating from this webite.


























































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