11 Apr 2019: EPR Reactors & Hinkley Point C: Time to close down a disastrous episode: Further delays have been announced for the planned opening dates for the European Pressurised Reactors at Flamanville in France and Olkiluoto in Finland. These are both forerunners of the type of reactor being planned for Hinkley Point C. More >>>
30 Jul 2018: Stop Hinkley expresses concern about sea-level rises at nuclear site: Stop Hinkley has written to the Office for Nuclear Regulation [ONR] to express concern about recent reports that we could be heading for a sea-level rise of as much as 6 metres during the lifetime of the Hinkley Point C site. More >>>
05 May 2016: Hinkley Point C Plans Thrown into Chaos: Plans for Hinkley Point C have been thrown into chaos, according to The Times, after the admission that engineers have falsified vital safety tests on parts supplied to reactors in France. More >>>
17 Apr 2015: Stop Hinkley calls on EDF Energy to cut its losses on Hinkley Point C: The future of the Hinkley Point C Project is hanging in the balance after further details emerged about problems at a similar nuclear plant being built at Flamanville in Normandy. More >>>
31 Mar 14: An Taisce win leave to fight Hinkley at Court of Appeal: The Stop Hinkley Campaign welcomes the recent announcement that An Taisce, the Irish National Trust, have succeeded in being granted leave to take their case to the court of appeal. More>>>
18 Mar 14: Glastonbury Council Urges Hinkley Opposition: Glastonbury Town Council has written to 300 Town and Parish Councils in Somerset, urging them to oppose a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point. More>>>
21 Feb 14: Floods Tsunamis and Earthquakes: Stop Hinkley Campaigners today expressed concerns about the earthquake that struck of the coast of the southwest very close to the current and planned Hinkley Point reactors. More>>>

18 Dec 12: Reactor approval "puts politics before public safety": Campaigners have accused Britain 's Office for Nuclear Regulation's nuclear regulators of caving in to government pressure and approving a new reactor before its design has been properly assessed. More>>>

06 Oct 12: Nuclear engineer slams industry safety standards: speech given at anti-nuclear protest rally: A specialist engineer who worked at Hinkley Point nuclear power station for almost 30 years yesterday slammed the nuclear industry's approach to safety and predicted that a Fukushima-type disaster in the UK was 'almost inevitable'. More>>>
01 Jun 12: Independent review highlights 30 safety issues delaying regulatory approval for EDF's French nuclear reactor design: An independent review of progress in approving the safety of the new design of French nuclear reactors proposed for the UK concludes that it is well behind schedule, with 30 major issues still to be resolved. More>>>
10 May 12: Radioactive enriched uranium findings prompt call for immediate halt to Hinkley C clearance: Analyses of soil samples have confirmed the presence of enriched uranium on EDF’s site for their proposed nuclear power station at Hinkley Point. More>>>
20 Feb 12: EdF prepared to risk public safety at Hinkley B and other AGR nuclear power stations: It would be an accident waiting to happen if Electricité de France were allowed to extend the life of their ageing fleet of advanced gas-cooled reactor nuclear power stations. More>>>
20 Dec 11: New breast cancer mortality figures show a 43% greater risk at Burnham-on-Sea: A worrying new report by Prof Chris Busby of Green Audit shows a 43% greater risk of dying from breast cancer for women living in Burnham-on-Sea. More>>>
26 Aug 11: Doubt Cast on Integrity of Hinkley Reactor Design: Further doubt has been cast on the integrity of the new nuclear reactor design proposed for Hinkley Point in Somerset following a series of criticisms by French safety regulators. More>>>
01 Jul 11: Environment Agency meeting on Hinkley Point contamination: Officials from the Environment Agency met with local Councillors and officers, representatives of Green Audit and Stop Hinkley at Rivers House, Bridgwater on 1st July to discuss the allegations of radioactive contamination at the site earmarked at Hinkley Point for the proposed new nuclear power reactors by the French company EdF Energy. More>>>
01 Jul 11: "Government Tried to Play Down Effects of Japanese Accident" - Stop Hinkley Campaign: The Stop Hinkley campaign will be raising the issue of the dangerously cosy relationship between the nuclear industry and the government at a meeting in London next week. This follows revelations that government officials tried to play down the potential effect of the Fukushima accident in Japan on the UK 's nuclear ambitions. More>>>
18 May 11: New Research Shows Effect of Fukushima Scale Accident at Hinkley: On the day that the government's interim report on safety following the Fukushima nuclear accident was published, a hypothetical modeling of a similar tsunami event at Hinkley Point power station in Somerset shows that it would have disastrous consequences. More>>>
19 Apr 11: Stop Hinkley supporter denounces SAGE & urges adoption of ECRR risk model: A Stop Hinkley member has criticised the government body handling the Fukushima crisis - Scientific Advice Group in Emergencies - by continuing to minimise the impact and underplay the health risks. More>>>
08 Apr 11: French Nuclear Safety Authority says proposed Hinkley C reactor design is "very compromised": Stop Hinkley today expressed concern at warnings from the French Nuclear Safety Authority, ASN, about the dangers of the Hinkley C reactor design. More>>>
31 Mar 11: The Environment Agency ignores local people's request for transparent investigation into claim of contaminated land on Hinkley C site: The Environment Agency has failed to carry out a transparent investigation into allegations that land at the proposed Hinkley C nuclear site is contaminated with enriched uranium. More>>>
17 Mar 11: Campaigners step up demand for action over contaminated Hinkley land after Japan disaster: Campaigners have sent an open letter to West Somerset Council, asking them to coordinate action over land found to be contaminated on the proposed Hinkley C site. More>>>
12 Mar 11: Japanese Accident Sends Warning Signal Over Hinkley C Plans: The nuclear accident in Japan is a stark warning of the dangers of nuclear power in this country, the Stop Hinkley campaign said today. More>>>
08 Mar 11: Hinkley Company Admits Faults at 60% of French Nuclear Reactors: The energy company applying to build a third power station at Hinkley Point, has admitted safety weaknesses affecting 34 of the nuclear reactors it operates in France. The "anomaly" means that if cooling water is lost from the reactor's primary pressure circuit, the back-up water injection safety system may not be able to prevent a meltdown of the core. More>>>
12 Jan 11: Radioactive Contamination of proposed nuclear site at Hinkley Point: In a report for Green Audit, analysis is presented showing the presence of enriched uranium contamination on the site proposed for the new nuclear reactors. Examining gamma spectroscopy radioactivity data tables that formed part of the Environment Impact Statement EIS supplied by EDF Energy, it was possible to show that the 2square kilometer site contained approximately 10 tonnes of enriched uranium reactor fuel. More>>>
21 Oct 10: Five extra Burnham women a year are diagnosed with breast cancer: Two independent professors agree the random chance is 2 million to one against and slam the cancer authorities for their obstructiveness. Breast cancer diagnoses are 50 percent above national figures in Burnham north and south electoral wards, according to a follow-up study by Professor Chris Busby of Green Audit . More>>>
01 Jul 09: Nuclear Regulator concerns over new reactor Nuclear Safety Systems: Campaigners are worried that regulators' concerns about a French reactor due to be built at Hinkley Point may be overridden when it comes to licensing the design. In today's Times the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate said it has serious reservations about the Control and Instrumentation system which monitors the station's performance and oversees nuclear safety. More>>>
10 May 09: Safety regulator may pull the plug on Hinkley C prototype: The nuclear regulator governing the go-ahead of the Hinkley C prototype currently being built in Finland has threatened to withold its approval because it is afraid the safety systems will not work while condemning the 'lack of professional knowledge' of those working for the design company. More>>>
09 May 08: Hinkley faces closure over missing safety system: Hinkley Point B has been warned by the nuclear regulator that it faces being shut down this year if it does not fit a 'tertiary' safety system at a cost of many millions. Campaigners are calling for a public inquiry, astonished that the 'boron beads' system was never fitted as this leaves the ageing and corroded reactor vulnerable with only two lines of defence. More >>>>>
08 Mar 08: Green Audit response to Public Health Observatory Green Audit, whose study showed a three-fold excess of infant mortality in estuary populations near Hinkley Point, has responded to a briefing paper by the South West Public Health Observatory which claimed no significant increases. More >>>>>
06 Mar 08: Denial based on switched figures: A report by health officials denying high infant death rates near Hinkley Point may have diluted the statistics by examining populations less likely to be affected. Stop Hinkley is now calling for a look at the 'big picture' with credible research into the risk of breast cancer, leukaemia and infant mortality concentrated in the same affected populations. More >>>>>
29 Feb 08: Study shows extra infant deaths near Hinkley: A new study has shown a three-fold excess of infant mortality in nearby towns bordering the Severn Estuary, downwind of Hinkley Point, and is the subject of BBC Inside Out West. The study by Dr Chris Busby of Green Audit has been supported by a former Director of the South West Cancer Registry. More >>>>>
27 Dec 07: Proposals to put off maintenance at Oldbury: Proposals to put off maintenance for twelve months while continuing to run ageing Oldbury nuclear power station have been branded as completely outrageous by campaigners. Reactor 2 at Oldbury suffered a series of incidents when it was restarted after two years of inspections last May. More >>>>>>>
26 Oct 07: Renewed calls for closure following new reactor core problems: A top nuclear consultant has called for Hinkley's immediate closure following a regulator's report stating the reactor core support system is potentially unsafe. Key structural engineering components supporting Hinkley's cracked reactor core have been discovered to be more prone to failure than previously assumed. More >>>>>>>
06 Sep 07: Campaigners demand extra safety on n-dump: Stop Hinkley campaigners have demanded extra safety measures at a proposed nuclear waste site at Hinkley Point. More >>>>>>>
20 July 07: Hinkley features in international childhood leukaemia study: A new compilation of international studies into childhood leukaemia shows a 23 percent increase in the disease near over two hundred nuclear sites including Hinkley Point. More >>>>>>>
12 July 07: New Oldbury incident triggers demand for closure: Oldbury nuclear power station was forced to shut down due to vibrations in a turbine linked to the reactor, the second recent event causing the reactor to be 'tripped', triggering repeated demands to permanently shut the power station and questions about its augmented role funding the decommissioning authority. More >>>>>>>
04 June 07: New report shows regulators' concerns over Oldbury: An internal report shows that a nuclear reactor at Oldbury is unsafe to operate through to its planned closure date of December 2008. The same safety document reveals that an automatic 'trip' system has been suspended and a new safety system should be installed which could take two years to fit. But despite these concerns reactor 2, which has already been closed for two years for safety reasons, was recently allowed to restart. More >>>>>
30 May 07: Fire at Oldbury triggers new demands for closure: Campaigners have again demanded the permanent closure of Oldbury nuclear power station following a generator fire in a reactor which had just restarted after a two year shut-down. A fire developed in one of the generators linked to reactor 2. The insulation around the generator was doused by automatic systems and the reactor was manually shut down. More >>>>>
17 May 07: Fears of Oldbury restart. Campaigners fear that a reactor that has been shut for two years through safety concerns is about to be fired up again this month. Shut Oldbury campaigners are appalled at the safety risks involved in restarting the corroded reactor and are fearful that the back-up safety systems are inadequate. More >>>>>
02 May 07: Campaigners rail at Hinkley 10 year license. Campaigners have branded the new life extension given to Hinkley Point B as outrageous and questioned if political motives are at play. The thirty year old reactor has passed a ten year 'Periodic Safety Review', valid up to 2017. But Stop Hinkley campaigners are astonished as only last year the nuclear safety regulators published documents saying Hinkley's cracked graphite reactor core prevented it being re-licensed as there was an increased risk of an accident. More >>>>>
25 Apr 07: Burnham breast cancer excess 70% over ten years. Newly released figures show that Burnham North has suffered a seventy percent excess of breast cancer mortality over the decade to 2005. The new statistics confirm a worrying trend first discovered in research by Dr Busby in 2000 where Burnham North stood out from 150 Somerset electoral wards studied for cancer deaths with twice the expected number. More >>>>>
18 Apr 07: Were organs secretly removed from Hinkley workers in post-mortems? Organs of former nuclear workers at Hinkley Point may have secretly been removed and tested for radiation during a thirty year period up to the early nineties. The Radio 4 Today programme has revealed that nuclear workers at Sellafield and other nuclear sites had organs and tissues removed from their bodies at post-mortems, apparently without the knowledge or permission of their relatives. More >>>>>
21 Dec 06: Hinkley shut till spring, then low output for a year. Yet more cracked boiler tube pipes at Hinkley Point nuclear plant have contributed to an extended closure till the end of March. 'Tail pipes' at the top of the difficult to access boilers were found to need repair in reactor 4. Although this has now been done, reactor 3 requires a similar inspection and repair work. A detailed safety case then needs to be put together and approved by the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate.
08 Dec 06: Hail of criticism in Hinkley report  Radio 4's flagship investigative programme, File on Four, last night (Tuesday) poured a hail of criticism on Hinkley Point nuclear power station and its operators British Energy, describing Hinkley as 'old and unreliable hardware'. Cracks in Hinkley's reactor core and adjacent boiler tubes were the focus of penetrating questions in the forty minute 'Panorama' style programme.
25 Oct 06: End of the road for Hinkley. The nuclear safety regulators have released a document saying that Hinkley B is unable to make a safety case in respect of its graphite reactor cores at the end of its current licensing period. The NII report says clearly that a safety case cannot currently be made and outlines the engineering dangers: that most graphite bricks will crack in the near future thus jeopardising the safe running if the reactor.
11 Oct 06: Reactor hit by more cracks Campaigners have demanded the permanent closure of Hinkley B following news of more age-related cracks, this time in its boiler tubes. Currently one of the thirty-year old plant's twin reactors is prematurely shut down for inspections and repairs after excessive cracks were discovered in the two virtually identical reactors at Hunterston in Ayrshire.
28 Mar 06: Bridgwater debate as report slams nuclear transport through town. The Green Party national speaker, Keith Taylor, will address a meeting in Bridgwater highlighting concerns about building a new series of nuclear power stations starting at Hinkley Point. The meeting occurs as a damning report slams the transportation of highly radioactive fuel through the town centre with no plans for mass evacuation in an emergency.
06 Sep 05: "Expert rebuts Oldbury defence." A top independent nuclear consultant has rebutted as nonsense the regulators' comments that Oldbury's reactor cores will stay safe as long as they are not exposed to higher extremes of radiation.
13 Jul 05: "Nuclear workers at greater risk of cancer." A study of thousands of nuclear workers exposed to low level radiation has shown they run a two per cent extra risk of developing cancer.
23 Mar 05: "Hinkley safety case weak." The New Scientist revealed today that the safety regulators view Hinkley's safety case as 'weak' and require the operators to answer its questions in depth.
08 Feb 05: "Oldbury safety inspections hit by staff crisis." The regulators have cut back on front-line inspections to nuclear plants due to increased pressure on staff from added workloads, failure of a recruitment campaign and a work-to-rule by the inspectors .
10 Jan 04: Burnham breast cancer rate still high: Breast cancer in Burnham and surrounding towns is a fifth more prevalent than the national average, according to a scientist and campaigner who has studied new figures provided by the Cancer Intelligence Service. Dr Chris Busby from Green Audit has examined the latest figures published by the South West Cancer Intelligence Service (SWCIS) and confirmed that, in thirteen years between 1990 and 2002, breast cancer registrations were 21 per cent higher than should be expected. More>>>

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