30 May 2017: Nuclear is vanishing as an answer to our energy needs as solar wins the race: Commenting on the news that solar panels produced more electricity than Britain’s eight nuclear power stations for the first time on Friday 26th May Stop Hinkley Spokesperson Roy Pumfrey said: “It is clear now that the Government’s savage cuts to renewable subsidies were made to ensure that the wholesale price of electricity will rise in the future.” More >>>
01 Dec 2016: Hinkley Point C: A Story of Good vs Evil for the Pantomime Season: Solar power is expected to be the cheapest form of energy (not just electricity) everywhere in the world by around 2030.Yet the UK Government and the French nuclear industry continue to struggle on with failed nuclear technology. Stop Hinkley says it’s a real story of good versus evil for the pantomime season. More >>>
31 Aug 2016: If it’s jobs they want, Labour and the Unions should back renewables not Hinkley Point C: The 900 direct permanent jobs which could be created at Hinkley Point C would cost electricity consumers an extra £800,000 per job per year compared to jobs in renewables in terms of increased costs of electricity. More >>>
03 Aug 2016 : Government Hinkley Point C review a wonderful opportunity to declare Somerset the sustainable energy hub for England: It has now been a few days since the Government shocked the energy industry by announcing a further review of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station just a few hours after EDF approved the project. More >>>
16 May 2016: Plan B for Hinkley doesn’t have to be nuclear. Stop Hinkley Campaign calls for a renewables Plan B for Hinkley: According to Nick Butler writing in the Financial Times “the UK government is preparing a plan B, while continuing to claim that Hinkley will still go ahead. Mr Osborne wanted Hinkley but he is the ultimate realist.” More >>>
11 Dec 2015: Stop Hinkley welcomes Paris Agreement, but decries nuclear lobbying: Stop Hinkley has today welcomed news that a deal on tackling climate change is in sight at the Paris talks. However, lobbyists and nuclear industry champions have been in overdrive during the Conference. More >>>
13 Jul 2015: Problems for Hinkley Project Continue to Mount Up: As problems continue to pile up for the Hinkley Point C project, Stop Hinkley has renewed its call to EDF to cut its losses and let Somerset get on with planning a sustainable renewable energy future. More >>>
16 Jun 2015: Stop Hinkley welcomes calls to admit Hinkley will not go-ahead: Stop Hinkley has today welcomed news that Labour's shadow climate change minister, has called on the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change to admit that Hinkley Point C will not proceed and to inform parliament what her alternative energy strategy will be. More >>>
08 May 2015: 100% Renewables in the South-West is Possible: Stop Hinkley has called on the new Government to raise its ambitions on energy policy and transform the South-West England economy. More >>>
28 Aug 14: Stop Hinkley calls on EDF Energy to give up on obsolete Hinkley Point C: The Stop Hinkley Campaign has called on EDF Energy to give up its nuclear ambitions following a report from giant multinational investment bank, UBS, which declares that it is "time to join the [solar] revolution". More>>>
11 Dec 09: Campaigner goes to Copenhagen: Stop Hinkley campaigner Crispin Aubrey will be attending the Copenhagen climate conference and objecting to the use of nuclear power to try and solve climate change. At midday on Monday he plans to help hand in a 50,000 strong petition against nuclear power put together by a coalition of European groups, 'Don't Nuke the Climate'. More>>>
13 May 08: Wind-farm rights sold to nuclear developer: The rights to West Hinkley wind-farm have been sold off to Electricite de France who have already announced their intention to build one or two nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point. More >>>>>
09 May 08: EDF buys Hinkley land for reactor: French-owned utility EDF has quietly bought up land next to Hinkley Point in a move which furthers the likelihood of a third nuclear reactor being built there. At a British Energy 'community meeting' at Cannington recently British Energy and BERR suggested that two reactors could be built at Hinkley. More >>>>>
08 Mar 06: Nuclear decision would stifle local green energy. An academic from Warwick University slated the Government for missing an opportunity to switch the national grid system to one which favours localised and small-scale electricity production.
27 Feb 06: Climate Change - is nuclear power the answer? People in West Somerset will have a chance to hear and discuss how climate change can be averted and whether a third nuclear power station at Hinkley Point will be needed.

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