31 Oct 2017: Dodgy Decommissioning Deals: The UK Government has been forced to pay out £97m in a settlement with two US companies – Energy Solutions and Bechtel - for mishandling the way it awarded the £6.1bn Magnox nuclear decommissioning contract. The BBC’s File on Four has been delving in to some of the details of the contract, and what they have discovered suggests what went on was more than just “dramatic levels of incompetence”, as the Labour Party called it, but was, in fact, a deliberate attempt to manipulate the outcome of the tender process. More >>>
15 Jul 2016: UK's nuclear clean-up cost estimate dips to $154 billion: The cost of cleaning up the UK's historic nuclear sites has decreased slightly from last year's estimate, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority said in its Nuclear Provision corporate report. More >>>
30 May 2016: EDF's Hinkley Point deal over radioactive waste sparks anger: A furious row has broken out after the Dept of Energy & Climate Change refused to disclose the arrangement with EDF for dealing with radioactive waste at the planned Hinkley Point C nuclear plant. More >>>
06 Apr 2016: Nuclear industry reveals its unsolved problem: waste: Britain is shipping 700kg of highly-enriched uranium capable of making scores of nuclear bombs to the US. More >>>
14 Apr 2015: French nuclear problems point to the same at Hinkley Point C: When you look at the problems besetting the French nuclear industry we may be witnessing the demise of civil nuclear power worldwide. More >>>
05 Apr 2015: Law changed so nuclear waste dumps can be forced on local communities: Nuclear waste dumps can be imposed on local communities without their support under a new law rushed through in the final hours of parliament. More >>>
18 Dec 2014: Nuclear reprocessor would be a "direct threat" to Barry: PLANS to begin reprocessing nuclear waste at Hinkley point, just 14 miles across the sea from Barry Island, pose "a direct threat" of increasing levels of radioactivity in Barry. More >>>
20 Apr 2014: Nuclear body rebuked over redacted report: The Government has admonished the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority for "inappropriately" withholding information from the public. More >>>
20 Apr 2014: Cumbrian nuclear dump 'virtually certain' to be eroded by rising sea levels: One million cubic metres of waste near Sellafield are housed at a site that was a mistake, admits Environment Agency. More >>>
12 Sep 13: County councils sidelined from nuclear waste dump site decisions: Energy department policy makes district councils lead authority on locating waste dumps, which county council says abandons big society. More >>>
23 Jun 13: UK 's nuclear clean-up programme to cost billions more than expected: Nuclear Decommissioning Authority declines to predict final lifetime clean-up cost amid fears total bill could exceed £100bn. More >>>
14 Jun 13: Sellafield fined £700,000 for sending radioactive waste to landfill: The nuclear company Sellafield Ltd has been fined £700,000 and ordered to pay more than £72,000 costs for sending bags of radioactive waste to a landfill site. More >>>
06 Jun 13: Concern over plans to store nuclear waste at Hinkley Point: Options to bring some nuclear waste from other power stations to Hinkley A station in Somerset would be bad for tourism and pose an increased risk to the public. More >>>
04 Feb 13: Sellafield management sharply criticised by Commons committee: The reputation of the nuclear industry faces further damage this week with the publication of a highly critical report on the management of the Sellafield plant in Cumbria, days before a court action over the illegal dumping of nuclear waste. More >>>
31 Jan 13: Cumbria sticks it to the nuclear dump lobby - despite all the carrots on offer: Cumbria county council's decision to "dump the dump" by voting against a nuclear waste repository close to the Lake District has drilled a nasty great hole in the middle of the government's wider nuclear strategy. More >>>
07 Nov 12: Sellafield nuclear waste storage is 'intolerable risk': The National Audit Office also said that for 50 years, the operators of the Cumbria installation failed to develop a long-term plan for waste. More >>>
07 Nov 12: Sellafield audit shows safety costs spiralling: The projected cost of safely storing radioactive material at Britain's largest nuclear site in Sellafield has increased by more than £900m in 10 months, the National Audit Office says in a report released on Wednesday. More >>>
17 May 12: Row over nuclear waste dump proposal in Kent: Romney Marshes is being mooted as a site for Britain's first store for high-level radioactive materials by members of Shepway district council but the move has infuriated the leader of Kent county council and a local MP. More >>>
25 May 11: Nuclear subsidy already in place: Subsidies are already happening with the ongoing nuclear decommissioning of nuclear power stations. More >>>
25 Apr 09: '100 years of work', MP claims: WEST Somerset residents could be in line for 100 years of guaranteed employment. That is the view of West Somerset MP Ian Liddell-Grainger following last week's announcement that Hinkley Point has been chosen as a potential site for new nuclear build. But anti-nuclear groups this week condemned the plans. More >>>
21 Apr 09: New nuclear plants could prove costly in many ways: Once more, members of the public are being conned into a spurious "consultation" exercise on the siting of new nuclear power stations at sites that already support nuclear power plants, including Hinkley B and Oldbury, and being given a contemptible month in which to express their views. More >>>
12 Jun 08: Row erupts over nuclear waste plans: The Government has faced anger from anti-nuclear campaigners after offering to pay communities to provide burial sites for waste, and making clear that it will press ahead with plans to build new nuclear power stations. More >>>
28 May 08: Nuclear costs 'to rise by billions: Campaign groups have warned that the cost of decommissioning nuclear power stations was "spiralling out of control" after an official admission that an estimate of £73 billion was set to rise. This figure, published in January, was an increase of £12 billion on the previous estimate made in 2003, but a senior official at the NDA said he believed the cost would continue to escalate. More>>>
20 May 08: IN DENIAL ON DANGERS OF RADIATION: In the light of the Government's new proposals to sanction more nuclear power stations and a newer, more deadly generation of "Trident" submarines, one can see that admitting the truth about radioactivity would cause such public outrage that both these proposals would be voted out of court. More>>>
12 Apr 08: Nuclear super-fuel too hot to handle: The energy we can get from uranium is set to rocket, but safety fears and waste disposal problems loom. IT SEEMS like a no-brainer. Make uranium burn stronger, hotter and longer in nuclear reactors, and you'll need less fuel, and there'll be less waste to deal with when it has been exhausted. More>>>>>
Mar 08: NUCLEAR PLANS INVITED BY GOVT: Sites of decommissioned reactors put up for grabs for new nuclear plants before consultation is over. A new nuclear reactor in the West looked even more certain yesterday as developers were invited to submit plans at existing sites. More>>>
25 Feb 08: Atomic waste clean-up plan comes under fire: Two government agencies at the heart of the nuclear industry are at war over safety concerns at some of the country's most sensitive sites. The Environment Agency believes insufficient funds have been made available by ministers for the clean-up of some sites, and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) is accused of making things worse. More>>>>>
30 Jan 08: £73BN - THE TRUE COST OF CLOSING DOWN NUCLEAR POWER STATIONS: Anti-nuclear energy campaigners and MPs have hit out after a report shows the cost of decommissioning Britain 's ageing nuclear power sites, including three in the West, has risen to a staggering £73 billion. The National Audit Office report said the cost of decommissioning 19 sites, including Hinkley Point A in Somerset , and Oldbury and Berkeley in Gloucestershire, had rocketed by £12 billion in the past four years. More>>>>>
07 Jan 08: Consumers may foot nuclear bill: Consumers may face higher electricity bills to cover the future decommissioning costs of a new generation of nuclear power stations to be announced this week, the Guardian has learned. Ministers have met several electricity firms known to be interested in building up to 10 new stations and they are understood to have demanded long term commitments to guarantee their investments - expected to be about £10bn a station. More>>>>>
04 Jan 08: Scientists take on Brown over nuclear plans: A group of scientists and academics condemn as undemocratic and possibly illegal the government's plans to force through a new generation of nuclear power stations. They warn that questions about the risks from radiation, disposal of nuclear waste and vulnerability to a terrorist attack have not been addressed. More>>>>>
02 Nov 07: Sellafield 'not fit' for nuclear waste disposal: The government has been warned that it would be "wrong" and possibly illegal to use Sellafield in West Cumbria for long term nuclear waste disposal as consultation on where to store the UK 's atomic legacy ends today. David Smythe, emeritus professor of geophysics at the University of Glasgow and a nuclear waste expert, said ministers should have ruled out Sellafield long ago after spending millions over previous decades on research that proved the area was unsuitable because of its rock formations. More>>>>>
22 Oct 07: NUCLEAR WASTE DISPOSAL MEETING: Campaigners are hosting a meeting near Hinkley Point nuclear site about the long-term disposal of the UK 's nuclear waste stockpile. The Government has backed the idea of a single deep depository to contain the country's high level nuclear waste. Next year CoRWM, is expected to write to local authorities across the country asking if a community will volunteer to house the atomic store.
More >>>>>
20 Oct 07: FIGHT THESE PLANS TO BURY TOXIC WASTE: A former Government adviser on nuclear waste is to voice his concerns over the possibility of a dump for long-living nuclear waste at Hinkley Point at a public meeting. Pete Wilkinson will be speaking at a meeting organised by Stop Hinkley, the campaign group against nuclear power. More >>>>>
12 Sep 07: Burying safety issues on nuclear waste is not an option : A year after the CoRWM report, the government is still ignoring the advice from its own committee. It has eagerly accepted what it sees as the solution of deep geological disposal, but it has done little to address the vital prerequisites CoRWM called for. More >>>>>
05 Sep 07: Handouts for nuclear 'risk': COMMUNITY projects in West Somerset look set to get cash handouts to compensate for the risk of having a radioactive waste site on their doorstep. At a meeting of West Somerset Council's cabinet committee, members were due to examine a proposal to gain community benefits' from a proposal by Magnox Electric to create a low-level radioactive waste site at Hinkley Point. More >>>>>
23 July 07: DUMPING GROUND FOR NUCLEAR WASTE: A new permanent nuclear waste disposal site at Hinkley Point in Somerset will soon be moving one step closer to reality. In the next few weeks, Magnox Electric Ltd is submitting a planning application to Somerset County Council to build a permanent disposal facility on the Somerset site for low-level radioactive waste coming from the decommissioning and clean-up of the defunct Hinkley Point A. More >>>>>
26 May 07: BOFFINS' FURY AT NUKE CASH CUTS: Scientists at a former nuclear power station have staged a protest against Government plans to slash the budget for the plant's decommission which they fear will cost up to 100 jobs. More than 200 staff at the site in Winfrith turned out for the lunchtime protest yesterday after it was revealed the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority's planned to cut the plant's funding by 40 per cent.
14 Mar 07: NUCLEAR PLANT 'FACES DANGER OF FLOODING' A plan to dump hundreds of tonnes of radioactive waste at Hinkley Point on the Somerset coast emerged yesterday just as experts on flooding warned the station was at risk from sea level rises and storm surges.
30 Mar 06: NUCLEAR WASTE TRAINS IN WEST TERROR ALERT. Train loads of nuclear waste carried through a Somerset town could be a prime target for terrorists. The transport of radioactive material through Bridgwater has been highlighted as Britain's "weak link" by eminent nuclear engineer John Large. Spent fuel rods from Hinkley Point B nuclear power station are transferred to the rail network at a station in the town. "The loading point at Bridgwater stands out like a sore thumb as the weak link" said Mr Large.
10 Jan 06: NUCLEAR DUMP WILL HOLD THE DEADLIEST WASTE . . . RIGHT ON THE WEST'S DOORSTEP. Nuclear waste stores may be built in the West to handle soaring stockpiles of high-level waste. If the go-ahead is given for new reactors, radioactive by-products are likely to be kept near where they are produced, according to anti-nuclear group Stop Hinkley.
09 Jan 06: Ministers warned of huge rise in nuclear waste. Lethal radioactivity could rise five-fold, warn experts. Industry denies massaging statistics.
07 Jan 06: £1 BILLION HINKLEY CLEAN-UP BILL TO RISE. Cleaning up Hinkley Point is likely to cost £1.1 billion and experts predict this could rise even higher..
04 Jan 06: £70BN COST OF CLEANING UP NUCLEAR PLANTS. Anti-nuclear campaigners in the Westcountry urged Tony Blair to rethink his enthusiasm for a new wave of nuclear power stations - after it emerged that the cost of cleaning up existing sites could top £1,000 for every man, woman and child in the country.
04 Jan 06: £4BN - THAT'S HOW MUCH IT WILL COST TO CLEAN UP THE WEST'S OUTDATED NUCLEAR POWER STATIONS...AND THE TOTAL IS SURE TO RISE. Campaigners hit out at the scale of the costs, which will fall heavily on taxpayers, and claimed it proved nuclear energy should be consigned to history.
14 Nov 05: "TOXIC SHIP SAILS OUR WAY" Nuclear alert sounded as deadly fuel is set to sail on secondhand ship through west waters. Experts say the aging vessel, complete with a payload of radioactive fuel, would be a sitting target for terrorists.
30 Oct 05: "SCHOOLKIDS PLAY IN NUKE TRAIN YARD" A DEADLY cargo of radioactive nuclear waste sat in a railway siding for hours, surrounded by houses and less than 100 metres from a school. Locals, including children, were able to walk unchallenged to within feet of it.
05 Oct 05: "British Gas produces most nuclear waste, Powergen most CO2." British Gas comes out as the biggest producer of radioactive waste because it relies on British Energy's nuclear plants to generate 16% of its electricity.
17 Sep 05: "Nuke waste to be buried in the West." The document seems innocuous enough. It is a list which includes beautiful islands like Lundy and some stunning protected forests. But it is a secret list of 537 sites deemed as suitable dumping grounds for nuclear waste.
12 Aug 05: "We can clean up Oldbury Quicker." The time required to decommission Oldbury nuclear power station could be cut. Current plans involve stopping generating in 2008 and the final site clearance being completed more than a century later, but the NDA wants to accelerate decommissioning.

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