18 Jan 14: Oldbury to Hinkley Point A nuclear waste transfer 'a risk': The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) wants waste from Oldbury Power Station to be processed and stored at Hinkley Point A. More >>>
03 Oct 12: British nuclear plans suffer blow as Chinese investors pull out: The government's nuclear energy plans were in trouble as Chinese investors withdrew interest in two projects and local councils postponed a decision on storing atomic waste. More >>>
29 Mar 12: Nuclear giants RWE and E.ON drop plans to build new UK reactors: German nuclear companies pull out of Horizon project for two new plants, with France's EDF most likely to pick up contract. More >>>
29 Feb 12: Oldest nuclear station closes - 89 years to clear up: The world's oldest operating nuclear power station will be closed down today, bringing its 44 years of atomic generation to an end. Staff at the Oldbury plant will take the site's only reactor to have been in use recently off-line for the final time. More >>>
17 Mar 11: Oldbury 2 nuclear unit shuts after electrical problem: The 220-megawatt Oldbury 2 nuclear reactor in Britain shut down on Thursday after an electrical problem in the site's turbine hall, a spokeswoman for operator Magnox said. More >>>
06 Feb 10: Silent protest over nuclear plans: More than 200 people opposed to plans for a new nuclear power station near Bristol have staged a silent protest by taping gaffer tape over their mouths. The former Oldbury Nuclear Power Station is one of 10 possible sites for a new station chosen by the government. More >>>
04 Feb 10: Oldbury nuclear station plan exhibition opens: Plans for a new nuclear power station in south Gloucestershire have gone on display. The site of the former Oldbury Nuclear Power station is one of 10 places identified as potential sites for new stations by the government. More >>>
21 Dec 09: Bristol City Council could oppose the building of new nuclear reactors at nearby Oldbury and Hinkley Point: A motion has been submitted for debate by Liberal Democrat councillor Dr Mark Wright (Cabot ward) that notes the many problems that nuclear power presents and that none of the public consultations on the new reactors have come to Bristol even though Oldbury is just 8 miles from the city boundary. More >>>
11 Dec 09: Opposition mounts to nuclear power station plans in Oldbury: OPPOSITION to a new nuclear power station near Oldbury is growing. People living near land earmarked for the development have launched their own campaign against government proposals to build another power station on the banks of the River Severn. More >>>
28 Nov 09: North Somerset residents turn out in force to tell power chiefs their pylon fears: Hundreds of people packed a public meeting to grill National Grid bosses about plans to erect a new 400,000 volt power line through the North Somerset countryside. Around 700 people attended last night's meeting at the Scotch Horn Leisure Centre in Nailsea, organised by the Save Our Valley campaign group, with dozens having to be turned away at the door. More >>>
26 Nov 09: Opposition grows to nuclear power station plans at Oldbury: Another round of public exhibitions on plans for the new site, which could have up to four huge cooling towers measuring between 70 and 200 metres high, was launched on Saturday and residents and local councillors turned out to see what the nuclear station might look like. More >>>
21 Nov 09: Nuclear plant could have four 200m cooling towers: Up to three nuclear reactors and as many as four cooling towers as high as 200 metres could be built for a new atomic power station next to the Severn estuary. More >>>
19 Nov 09: Bristolians "Should Have Say" On Nuclear Plans: A Lib Dem councillor demands ministers consult Bristolians over plans to build two nuclear power stations near the city. More >>>
02 Sep 09: Bristol nuclear plant protesters invite professor to village: An eminent professor has been invited to give a talk on nuclear power by villagers opposed to a new atomic plant near Bristol. Stephen Thomas is professor of energy policy at Greenwich University and has been critical of the idea that the nuclear power industry is undergoing a renaissance. More >>>
04 Aug 09: Villagers stage Oldbury anti-nuclear protest: Villagers living near the possible site of a new nuclear power station near Bristol staged a five-hour protest to prevent contractors getting on to the land. Residents of Shepperdine, near Thornbury, blocked the access road to a field near the existing Oldbury atomic plant until they were finally asked to move by police. More >>>
23 Jul 09: E On to start works on Oldbury nuclear site: Construction services group Hydrock has been appointed by E On to carry out the preliminary ground investigation for the proposed new nuclear power station at Oldbury, in Gloucestershire. From 3 August the contractor will spend two months drilling 22 boreholes at the site, acquired by the energy giant in April. More >>>
13 May 09: Oldbury health risks are a concern: Unfortunately, the report clearing Oldbury nuclear power station of health risks has some important problems. For example, the South West Public Health Observatory (SWPHO) said it examined cancers within 10km of the nuclear site but missed out Chepstow. More >>
15 Apr 09: Oldbury on new nuclear shortlist: Oldbury has been named on a list of potential sites for new nuclear power stations unveiled by the Government. The sites have been nominated by companies interested in building the stations and have been initially approved by the Government. More >>>
23 Jan 09: West braced for nuclear future: Three reactors could be built in the West in a new wave of nuclear power stations with Oldbury to be nominated for a plant. The South Gloucestershire site would join Hinkley in Somerset, where two reactors are being planned - although anti-nuclear campaigners yesterday vowed to fight the plans. More >>>
22 Jan 09: Health experts invited to answer Oldbury nuclear cancer fears: Health experts will be invited to South Gloucestershire answer fears that cancer cases could be linked to Oldbury nuclear power station. Oldbury site director Joe Lamonby refuted the claims, saying there was no evidence of more cases of the disease in the area. More >>>
19 Dec 08: Anger at Oldbury nuclear plant's two-year extension: Anti-nuclear campaigners have reacted with astonishment after Oldbury nuclear power station was been given permission to carry on generating for another two years. The atomic plant had been set to close down at the end of December. But a delay in the defuelling schedule meant it was possible for the station on the banks of the river Severn to stay in operation, provided site regulators gave their approval. More >>>
04 Dec 08: New nuclear energy plant makes no sense: ANTI-NUCLEAR groups have voiced their fears after energy giant EON said it could build a £4 billion nuclear power station on the banks of the River Severn. West Gloucestershire Green Party spokesman and Lydney town councillor, James Greenwood, said: "We are not very happy about it. We feel that going nuclear is the wrong approach when we can't afford to clean up the sites we've already got." More >>>
27 Nov 08: Potential nuclear reactor sites go up for sale: A series of sites in England and Wales that could be used to build nuclear power stations were put up for sale yesterday. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, the organisation given the job of decommissioning and cleaning up Britian's civil nuclear sites, is selling land at Bradwell in Essex, Oldbury in Gloucester and Wylfa in Anglesey, close to existing Magnox reactors. More >>>
21 Nov 08: How safe is it to live near a nuclear power station?: Studies in 2001 showed 50 per cent more breast cancers in the population downstream of Oldbury over a six-year period, a third more prostate cancers downwind of Oldbury, and 11 times more leukaemia cases in Chepstow directly across the Severn from Oldbury. This week's court ruling that pesticide spraying can harm peoples' health should be listened to by the nuclear industry. More >>>
17 Sep 08: Nuclear fallout: E.ON, the German energy company that owns Kingsnorth power station, was keeping its head down after the Greenpeace verdict, but it's leaked out that it is now planning to build a nuclear reactor on the banks of the river Severn at Oldbury. More >>>
11 Sep 08: E.ON to build £4bn British nuclear power station: E.ON, the German energy group, is drawing up plans to build a £4 billion nuclear power station beside the River Severn in Gloucestershire. The company has applied to National Grid for a connection that would allow it to build a 1,600 mega-watt nuclear station at Oldbury-on-Severn by April 2020. More >>
10 May 08: ANGER AT NUKE PLANS: A Japanese-US consortium is bidding to construct a £2.8 billion Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear reactor at Oldbury, a village near the mouth of the River Severn in South Gloucestershire, as well as a site in Essex. More>>>
01 May 08: American-Japanese consortium considers Oldbury site: A NEW generation nuclear power station could be built at Oldbury to replace the current Magnox reactor. The American and Japanese consortium of Toshiba-Westinghouse is bidding to construct two nuclear power plants in Britain. Energy Solutions, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is developing plans for the Oldbury site with the consortium which will supply the nuclear technology. More>>>>>
01 May 08: New nuclear reactor could be built in Oldbury: OLDBURY could be the site for a new £2.8billion nuclear reactor. America-based Energy Solutions has teamed up with Japanese company Toshiba-Westinghouse to table a bid to construct and operate the power station. More>>>
29 Apr 08: FEARS OVER NEW REACTOR FOR NUCLEAR PLANT: Campaigners are furious to learn of plans for an unproven nuclear reactor. If given the go-ahead, the proposals would mean a Westinghouse AP1000 model is used at the Oldbury site, South Gloucestershire , which is home to a corroded reactor. More>>>>>
28 Apr 08: Energy Solutions and Toshiba-Westinghouse consortium nuclear bid: An American-Japanese consortium is bidding to construct two new nuclear power stations at sites in Gloucestershire and Essex as the race to build a new generation of reactors intensifies. More>>>>>
01 Jan 08: FURY AS NUCLEAR CORE CHECKS ARE 'SKIPPED': Outraged campaigners have hit out at proposals to delay maintenance at a blighted South Gloucestershire power station. Members of the Shut Oldbury Campaign are furious an inspection shut-down date scheduled for November will now take place after the reactor's permanent closure at the end of 2008. More>>>>>
29 Dec 07: CLOSE NUCLEAR STATION DOWN FOR GOOD NOW: Campaigners have made further calls for a reactor at Oldbury nuclear power station to be shut down for good - a year before the entire plant is decommissioned. The site started supplying electricity again in the summer after a series of problems meant it could not generate power for a long period. More>>>>>
13 July 07: £1 MILLION A WEEK: Oldbury nuclear power station, which was closed in May after a fire in an electricity transformer, is losing £1 million per week, it has been revealed. The 39-year-old nuclear power station was forced to shut down on May 30 after a fire broke out in a non-nuclear part of the plant. More>>
13 July 07: Nuclear power plant closed again: A nuclear power station has only been open for a total of eight days since August, it has been revealed. More >>>>>
19 Jun 07: NUCLEAR BOSSES DEFEND REOPENING: Bosses of Oldbury nuclear power station have defended last month's decision to restart the station's No 2 nuclear reactor and resume generating electricity after a two-year break. But the station was forced to shut down again just 10 days later when there was a fire in a generator away from the nuclear side of the station. More>>>
18 Jun 07: FRESH FEARS OVER AGEING REACTOR: Vital safety equipment that would automatically shut down an ageing nuclear reactor in the event of a fire was not being applied, experts have warned. Oldbury nuclear power station, built nearly 40 years ago, should have a safety system that closes down its reactor if fire broke out.
18 Jun 07: SAFETY LAPSE OF AGEING NUKE PLANT: A Nuclear reactor at Oldbury Power Station was allowed to start up last month even though it had not been fitted with an important safety system.
17 Jun 07: Revealed: faulty nuclear reactor was allowed to operate without safety alarm: Britain 's nuclear watchdog last month allowed a faulty nuclear reactor to start up even though it had not been fitted with an important safety system, startling internal documents seen by The Independent on Sunday reveal. The documents also show that the Nuclear Installation Inspectorate (NII) judged that the reactor, at Oldbury nuclear power station in Gloucestershire, was not safe enough to operate for the next 18 months, but allowed it to go onstream until November anyway.
05 Jun 07: Probe into nuclear station fire: BOSSES at Oldbury nuclear power station have launched a top level inquiry into last week's blaze which has once again put the "dinosaur" atom plant out of action. People out and about near the plant reported a loud bang and an alarming release of steam as the fire tripped automatic mechanisms and the reactor was deactivated as a precautionary measure.
02 Jun 07: Nuclear power plant stays closed: Oldbury Power Station in South Gloucestershire is not expected to reopen in the foreseeable future, a British Nuclear Group spokesman said.
31 May 07: SAFETY FEARS AFTER BLAZE AT N-PLANT: A Fire at a nuclear power station just days after it restarted generating electricity has led to renewed calls for it to be shut down for good. A generator burst into flames at the Oldbury plant in South Gloucestershire yesterday morning.
31 May 07: BLAZE SPARKS SAFETY FEARS AT NUCLEAR POWER PLANT: A blaze broke out at an ageing nuclear power station, just days after it was given permission to start up again amid safety fears. A generator burst into flames at the plant in Oldbury, which restarted producing electricity only on Sunday. It had been shut down for the past two years because of government inspectors' concerns about corrosion of the graphite core. Angry campaigners branded the decision to allow the reactor to be switched on again as "Russian roulette".
24 May 07: Power station to switch on: OLDBURY nuclear power station has been given the go ahead to resume generating electricity. The announcement that reactor two is at last fit for duty has been greeted with dismay by anti nuclear campaigners who have warned of safety risks in bring the plant back into use.
06 Apr 07: OLDBURY SET TO BE SWITCHED ON IN THE SUMMER: Hinkley Point B could also get green light within weeks though only for one of its two reactors. The West's two remaining nuclear power stations could be back online by the summer, it emerged yesterday.
04 Sep 06: REACTOR IS A DANGER TO PUBLIC  Campaigners are calling for Oldbury nuclear power station to shut down. The Stroud District Green party says the Magnox facility is dangerous after 38 years of generating electricity. Party spokesman Philip Booth said the station's second reactor has been out of use since June last year and the first reactor is due to come off-line this year for statutory inspections. "Why waste any more millions on propping up this dinosaur?"
01 Sep 06: Power station work on hold   ENGINEERS at Oldbury atomic power station are still awaiting the go ahead to restart an allegedly clapped out nuclear reactor.  But the approval has so far failed to materialise, prompting further claims that the ageing power station is too worn out to make it even to its scheduled final shut down in December 2008.
01 Sep 06: Love it or loathe it, power station must be safe Thornbury Gazette, Editorial, THE AFFABLE and confidence-inspiring manager of Oldbury nuclear power station assured a public meeting that all was well at the atomic pile (or should that be heap?) down on the banks of the Severn.  That was getting on for a month ago and the dear old thing hasn't been cranked into life yet. There has, it seems, been a degree of "slippage".
01 Sep 06: OLDBURY SHOULD GIVE UP NOW FOR SAFETY'S SAKE  Safety regulators have yet to give permission for Oldbury nuclear power station to return to full power because it is unsafe, campaigners have claimed. A report in the Nuclear Safety Newsletter says tests on Reactor Two at the ageing station were continuing as planned but they had yet to give final approval for it to be restarted.
04 Mar 06: CIVIL NUCLEAR POLICE UNAWARE OF OLDBURY PROTEST. The Civil Nuclear Police at Oldbury were unaware of a Greenpeace protest. Even though they knew Greenpeace was going to carry out a demonstration at the site, police failed to spot members of the group - or the giant letters on the side of the building.
10 Oct 05: "N-Power stations move is welcome." Campaigners have welcomed moves to speed up decommissioning of the nuclear power stations in Oldbury and Berkeley. But they were worried it could lead to a new generation of nuclear power plants being built on the sites.
08 Sep 05: "Oldbury reactor core integrity." A report by Jim Duffy based on correspondence between Oldbury and the nuclear regulator, followed by two TV documentaries.
05 Sep 05: "Is Nuke plant safe?" A new investigation raises questions over the state of the Oldbury reactor's graphite core.
12 Aug 05: "We can clean up Oldbury Quicker." The time required to decommission Oldbury nuclear power station could be cut. Current plans involve stopping generating in 2008 and the final site clearance being completed more than a century later, but the NDA wants to accelerate decommissioning.


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