18 Dec 2014: Nuclear reprocessor would be a "direct threat" to Barry: PLANS to begin reprocessing nuclear waste at Hinkley point, just 14 miles across the sea from Barry Island, pose "a direct threat" of increasing levels of radioactivity in Barry. More >>>
18 Jan 14: Oldbury to Hinkley Point A nuclear waste transfer 'a risk': The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) wants waste from Oldbury Power Station to be processed and stored at Hinkley Point A. More >>>
06 Jun 13: Concern over plans to store nuclear waste at Hinkley Point: Options to bring some nuclear waste from other power stations to Hinkley A station in Somerset would be bad for tourism and pose an increased risk to the public. More >>>
26 Oct 12: Up to 50 dead from working at Somerset nuclear plant Hinkley A: Deadly asbestos has led Somerset's first nuclear power plant to be named the biggest source of industrial deaths in the county. More >>>
25 May 11: Nuclear subsidy already in place: Subsidies are already happening with the ongoing nuclear decommissioning of nuclear power stations. More >>>
21 Apr 11: BBC Radio 4 The Report: examining safety at Hinkley. In the wake of Fukushima, Andy Denwood investigated the recent record of Britain's nuclear safety agency: is the inspectorate - relaunched this month - up to the job? Interviews with John Large, Joan Girling at Sizewell, Jim Duffy and Stop Hinkley campaigners. Listen to the programme here.
03 Nov 07: CASH CRISIS SPARKS JOB FEARS AT HINKLEY: Jobs at Hinkley Point A nuclear power station could be under threat if cash is funnelled away to clean up other more dangerous sites. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, which is responsible for cleaning up sites owned by Magnox, including Hinkley A, has received extra cash from the Government but is likely to channel money into dealing with high-level risk waste at Sellafield in Cumbria. If this happens, jobs at Hinkley A could be lost. More>>>>>
20 Oct 07: FIGHT THESE PLANS TO BURY TOXIC WASTE: A former Government adviser on nuclear waste is to voice his concerns over the possibility of a dump for long-living nuclear waste at Hinkley Point at a public meeting. Pete Wilkinson will be speaking at a meeting organised by Stop Hinkley, the campaign group against nuclear power. More >>>>>
26 Apr 06: Barrage option for energy needs. A £10bn Severn barrage is among options for future energy provision recommended by the Welsh Assembly Government. The UK Government is conducting an energy review looking at how the UK can meet its future energy needs.
03 Mar 06: Wind-farms popular except with vocal few. Wind-farms are still very much in the frame as far as all the major environmental groups are concerned and, according to the World Wildlife Fund, are part of an energy mix which is cheaper once nuclear power is phased out.


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