18 May 2017: Conservative election manifesto signals the end of new nuclear power: After years of pro-nuclear bombast from the Conservative Party, its 2017 manifesto hasn't got a single word to say about nuclear power. More >>>
20 Mar 2017: UN asks UK to suspend work on Hinkley Point: Move likely to embarrass British government as UN agency says lack of talks with Europe means it should refrain from further work. More >>>
10 Feb 2017: UK’s nuclear security of supply imperiled: The UK could run out of nuclear fuel following its withdrawal from Euratom. More >>>
06 Sep 2016: EU hits energy reduction target six years early: Major savings reported across all sectors before 2020 goal but analysts warn UK could reverse gains after Brexit. More >>>
02 Sep 2016: Nuclear site police reveal 130 security breaches: Police guarding the UK's nuclear sites have revealed there have been 130 security breaches over the past five years - including a missing gun. More >>>
13 Jul 2016: Stop Hinkley Campaign Gains Vivienne Westwood As Patron: Dame Vivienne Westwood DBE has announced that she will become a patron of Stop Hinkley as a result of EDF Energy’s plans to build two large new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point in Somerset. More >>>
28 Feb 2016: Top lobbying group in historic green energy U-turn: Energy UK, which represents big six providers, now supports phasing out coal-fired stations, after years of defending use of fossil fuels. More >>>
16 Feb 2016: EDF to keep four UK nuclear plants open for years longer: Heysham 1 and Hartlepool will have their life extended by five years until 2024, while Heysham 2 and Torness will see their closure dates pushed back by seven years to 2030. More >>>
World Nuclear Industry Status as of 1 January 2016: Mind the China Effect: Whereas the nuclear industry’s situation in the rest of the world continued to deteriorate, developments in China bucked this trend and distort the global picture. More >>>
22 Nov 2015: Paris climate change talks: Political will to tackle global warming is building, says Jonathon Porritt: Former Green Party chair Jonathon Porritt has traditionally been pessimistic about world leaders' efforts but he is encouraged by pledges from more than 160 nations to cut carbon emissions by 2030. More >>>
10 Nov 2015: Energy secretary 'resisting' Treasury cuts to renewable heat scheme as she admits UK will miss key EU target: Amber Rudd is understood to be in talks with George Osborne in a bid to avoid deep cuts to a scheme which helps homeowners pay for low carbon energy. More >>>
06 Nov 2015: Call me emotional, but my anti-nuclear arguments are based on evidence: Peak nuclear has passed. There’s no science to support an Australian nuclear industry. More >>>
29 Oct 2015: Hinkley Point C will cost customers at least £4.4bn: The UK’s first new nuclear power station for a generation will cost electricity customers at least £4.4bn and the subsidy bill could reach £20bn, the government has revealed. More >>>
21 Oct 2015: Yangjiang-3 Grid Connection in China: Safety issues with the CPR-1000 design have been raised in recent years, including descriptions of it being obsolete. More >>>
19 Oct 2015: Protest camp set up near proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in Somerset: Campaigners have set up a protest camp near the site of the proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power station. More >>>
18 Jun 2015: Civil servants must speak out: 'the time has gone for nuclear power': Despite the PR spin the truth about nuclear power is clear, says Paul Flynn MP. Current projects are plagued with technical failures, cost escalations and long delays. More >>>
11 May 2015: Hinkley Point protest group calls for re-think by new Tory government: Stop Hinkley has called on the new government to raise its ambitions on energy policy. More >>>
11 Feb 2015: UK threatens to hit back at Austria over Hinkley Point legal challenge: Austrian chancellor seeks meeting with David Cameron after UK warns it will take every opportunity to damage country in spat over nuclear reactor lawsuit. More >>>
30 Nov 2014: IEA Report: Future Of Nuclear Energy Industry "Uncertain": The global nuclear energy industry is facing an increasingly uncertain future according to the International Energy Agency's recent World Energy Outlook 2014. More >>>
19 Nov 2014: False promise of nuclear power: The need for costly upgrades post-Fukushima and for making the nuclear industry competitive, including by cutting back on generous government subsidies, underscore nuclear power's dimming future. More >>>
19 Nov 2014: Flamanville EPR: the four curses of a controversial site: The sky darkens even further above the Flamanville 3 site. After the announcement by EDF of a new delay, its commencement is now expected in 2017, ten years after the start of work. And the bill - already overbudget - should slip higher. More >>>
03 Sep 2014: A worrying factor in Ukraine 's chaos: 15 nuclear reactors: There is a historical component to the anxiety: In April 1986, a reactor of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant at Chernobyl exploded, causing the worst nuclear disaster in history. More >>>
01 Sep 2014: Finland 's nuclear plant start delayed again: The consortium building Finland 's biggest nuclear reactor, said the start date of the much delayed project will be pushed back to late 2018 - almost a decade later than originally planned. More >>>
26 Aug 2014: Bombs Ahoy! Why the UK is desperate for nuclear power: On the face of it, the UK government's obsession with nuclear power defies reason. But there is a simple explanation: it's all to maintain the UK 's status as a nuclear WMD state. More >>>
26 Aug 2014: The Nuclear Industry Today: Declining but not Dying: Every year, the World Nuclear Industry Status Report reminds me why those in the Green movement who think nuclear has a major role to play in securing a low-carbon world are completely, dangerously off their collective trollies. More >>>
18 Aug 2014: Europe struggles with cost of caring for its elderly nuclear plants: Europe's aging nuclear plants will undergo more prolonged outages over the next few years, reducing the reliability of power supply and costing operators many billions of dollars. More >>>
06 Jul 2014: EDF in line for £800m windfall from subsidy scheme to keep lights on: Energy firm which operates most of UK nuclear power plants could undercut competitors at auction launch capacity market. More >>>
04 Jun 2014: UK will have to gamble with nuclear safety to provide power, analyst warns: Safety limits of Britain 's ageing nuclear power plants may have to be extended to avoid major blackouts. More >>>
12 May 2014: Ukraine crisis underlines importance of UK renewable energy: City financier, Guy Hands, calls on government not to ignore energy security after instability in eastern Europe. More >>>
02 May 2014: We shouldn't warm to nuclear power: Allan Jeffery is the assistant co-ordinator of the Stop Hinkley campaign. Here he outlines why he believes nuclear is not the answer to our energy needs. More >>>
Oct 13: Guess who opposed a Hinkley nuke?: Guess which politician wrote an excellent article in the Bristol Evening Post of 10 January 2008, titled "Nuclear Is Not The Way Forward". More >>>
16 Sep 13: The Lib Dems are wrong on nuclear power - the arguments don't add up: As Japan and much of the world rows back on nuclear power, why have the Lib Dems made a U-turn to support it? More >>>
15 Sep 13: Lib Dems vote to accept nuclear power: The Liberal Democrats have voted to accept nuclear power, in a historic reversal of their long-held opposition to atomic energy. Party members backed nuclear power as long as it is not subsidised. More >>>
29 Feb 13: "Beyond Nuclear" Speakers coming to Glastonbury: American campaigners from a campaign group from Washington DC are coming to visit Glastonbury next week to speak about their work as part of the environmental and advocacy group "Beyond Nuclear". More >>>
31 Jan 13: Cumbria sticks it to the nuclear dump lobby - despite all the carrots on offer: Cumbria county council's decision to "dump the dump" by voting against a nuclear waste repository close to the Lake District has drilled a nasty great hole in the middle of the government's wider nuclear strategy. More >>>
23 Nov 12: Four arrests as protesters hold human blockade outside Hinkley Point: A group of protesters campaigning against the expansion of Hinkley Point blockaded access to the power station. More >>>
06 Oct 12: Protest against nuclear plans for Somerset: Anti-nuclear campaigners from all over Britain converged on Somerset today for a mass rally in protest against the Hinkley C nuclear power station. More [incl Video] >>>
06 Oct 12: Anti-nuclear campaigners gather for Hinkley Point protest: Anti-nuclear campaigners from all over Britain are converging on Somerset today for a mass rally to be followed on Monday by a 'mass trespass' at the proposed site of the Hinkley C nuclear power station. More >>>
06 Oct 12: Hinkley Point: Protesters camp for weekend of action: Anti-nuclear campaigners have set up a camp at Hinkley Point in Somerset as a base for a weekend of action. More >>>
29 Sep 12: Crispin Aubrey obituary: Crispin Aubrey, the journalist, author and campaigner, who has died suddenly of a heart attack aged 66, came to national prominence when he was arrested under the Official Secrets Act in 1977. More >>>
03 Sep 12: Anti-nuclear protesters warn Hinkley Point fight is not over: Protesters had walked the 130 miles from the Government's nuclear establishment at Aldermaston after recently completing a similar march through the devastated Fukushima area of Japan - and they said they were in Somerset to bear witness to the potential dangers of radioactivity. More >>>
19 Jul 12: Emails reveal UK government's moves to protect nuclear power from bad news:Government officials worked closely with E.ON and RWE to soften the impact of a major blow to plans for a new nuclear programme. More >>>
07 Jul 12: Great views (if you ignore the power station): For sale - one Grade II listed former farmhouse with ten and a half acres of land - and Europe 's biggest construction site as a neighbour. More >>>
29 Feb 12: The abuse of political power is as dangerous as nuclear power itself: The newly evicted protesters against proposed nuclear power stations at Hinkley Point reject both the technology and the flaunting of democracy. More >>>
20 Feb 12: EDF bids to evict protesters from Hinkley Point: Power giant EDF has begun court action to remove protesters who have set up camp on land earmarked for the proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power station. They served papers on activists occupying farmland on Saturday. More >>>
17 Feb 12: Activists occupying new nuclear site accuse EDF of 'ignoring democracy': Environmental activists have occupied the site of what is planned to be Britain's first new nuclear power station since 1995 , and on Friday accused EDF of "ignoring democracy" and starting work on the £10bn project without permission to build the station. More >>>
02 Feb 12: Ministers 'misled MPs over need for nuclear power stations': Ministers misled parliament over the need to build a new fleet of nuclear power stations, distorting evidence and presenting to MPs a false summary of the analysis they had commissioned.More >>>
20 Jan 12: UK 'subsidising nuclear power unlawfully': Green energy campaigners are attempting to block new nuclear power stations in the UK by complaining to the European Commission that government plans contravene EU competition regulations. More >>>
19 Jan 12: Anti-nuclear campaigners plan legal challenge to new British power stations: A group of politicians and environmentalists are trying to block the building of new nuclear power stations in Britain by submitting a formal complaint to the European commission. More >>>
07 Dec 11: Hinkley Point nuclear protesters take fight to Prime Minister David Cameron: Campaigners yesterday stepped up their battle against a new nuclear power station in Somerset by handing a major petition to 10 Downing Street . More >>>
05 Dec 11: UK government shared intelligence with nuclear industry, documents show: The British government has been quietly exchanging intelligence on key policies with multinational companies in an effort to protect and promote their plans for new nuclear power stations, according to internal documents seen by the Guardian. More >>>
25 Nov 11: Nuclear power 'gets little public support worldwide': In countries with nuclear programmes, people are significantly more opposed than they were in 2005, with only the UK and US bucking the trend. More >>>
10 Nov 11: EDF fined €1.5m for spying on Greenpeace: EDFs head of nuclear production security in 2006, Pascal Durieux, was given a three-year sentence with two years suspended, and a €10,000 fine for commissioning the spying. More >>>
03 Oct 11: Activists hail nuclear plant protest: Protesters who blockaded a nuclear power station today have said their actions were a "phenomenal success" in shedding light on opposition to new nuclear reactors. More >>>
03 Oct 11: Protesters blockade nuclear power station: Members of several anti-nuclear groups who are part of the Stop New Nuclear alliance say they are barring access to Hinkley Point power station in Somerset in protest against EDF Energy's plans to renew the site with two new reactors. More >>>
02 Oct 11: Hinkley power station proposals 'poses a threat to one million people in South Wales': WELSH campaigners protested in Somerset yesterday against EDF Energy's plans to build two new nuclear reactors - arguing they pose a threat to more than one million people in South Wales. More >>>
19 Sep 11: Siemens to quit nuclear industry: German industrial and engineering conglomerate Siemens is to withdraw entirely from the nuclear industry. More >>>
09 Sep 11: Stop New Nuclear group plans protests against Hinkley expansion: Campaigners opposed to the UK government's nuclear expansion programme are planning a series of events at Hinkley power station near Burnham-on-Sea. From September 11th the Stop New Nuclear group will be holding a series of events to highlight what they claim are the dangers of nuclear power - and to demand safer alternatives. More >>>
09 Sep 11: Fukushima disaster: it's not over yet: Six months after the multiple meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, the streets have been cleared but the psychological damage remains. More >>>
03 Aug 11: Sellafield Mox nuclear fuel plant to close: The mixed-oxide fuel plant will be shut as a consequence of the Fukushima incident, with the loss of about 600 jobs. More >>>
01 Jun 11: Nuclear Phaseout Could Spell Disaster for German Energy Giants: Germany's four biggest utility companies face an uncertain future. Profits could tumble this year by as much as 30 percent and the companies are also becoming increasingly vulnerable to takeovers. More >>>
27 May 11: Greenpeace accuses Tepco of nuke 'deceit': Japanese nuclear reactor operator Tepco mishandled the Fukushima nuclear crisis and tried to cover up the extent of the accident, Greenpeace Germany claims. More >>>
27 Apr 11: Chernobyl disaster marked in Bridgwater: CAMPAIGNERS walked through Bridgwater last night to mark the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. More >>>
26 Apr 11: BBC Radio 4 - Fallout: The Legacy of Chernobyl Events in Japan have reignited controversy around the safety of nuclear energy, reviving memories of the world's worst nuclear accident, at Chernobyl. But just how bad was the worst? What were the real health consequences of Chernobyl? Listen to the programme here.
04 Apr 11: A Survey of the World's Radioactive No-Go Zones: The world is full of nuclear disaster zones -- showing just how dangerous the technology really is. More >>>
30 Mar 11: Japan Maximum Nuclear Alert: In Japan, radiation levels in the seawater near the Fukushima plant continue to rise. They're now more than 3.5 thousand times higher than normal. Radioactive material has also been detected in soil at the facility. More >>>
26 Mar 11: Hundreds of thousands protest against nuclear energy across Germany: Over 200,000 protesters took to the streets in Cologne, Berlin, Munich and Hamburg to pressure the government into abandoning nuclear energy generation. The protests add to the pressure on Chancellor Angela Merkel. More >>>
02 Feb 11: Chernobyl nuclear plant shelter faces cash woes: Nearly 25 years after the world's worst nuclear disaster, it has emerged that only half the money needed to safely secure the wreckage of the Chernobyl power plant has been raised. More >>>
20 Nov 10: How to make people 'love' nuclear power: A poll on whether a new nuclear power station should be built at Hinkley Point provides a masterclass in manipulation. More >>>
04 Nov 10: Campaigner steps down due to illness: One of the West's most outspoken opponents of nuclear power has stepped down from his role as co-ordinator of high-profile campaign group Stop Hinkley. For more than a decade, Jim Duffy has been a thorn in the side of EDF Energy, who own Hinkley Point. More >>
02 Jun 10: Areva Faces EU Antitrust Probe Over Siemens Nuclear Venture: Areva SA, the world's biggest reactor builder, faces a European Union antitrust probe into contractual clauses concluded with Siemens AG in a nuclear-reactor joint venture. More >>>
02 Jun 10: EU Probes Siemens, Areva Nuclear JV Clause: The European Commission launched a probe to investigate whether a deal by German industrial conglomerate Siemens AG and France's Areva SA on the conditions for ending a nuclear power joint venture violates competition rules. The commission "has opened proceedings to assess whether non-compete clauses... in the field of civil nuclear technology may be in violation of EU antitrust rules." More >>>
28 Jan 10: Parliament protester is arrested: A Stop Hinkley campaigner was arrested in Parliament after disrupting a committee by launching a protest in the middle of the session. More >>>
15 Dec 09: West reactor protest taken to Copenhagen: A west anti-nuclear campaigner has delivered a petition against reactor plans to the Climate Change confere3nce in Copenhagen . At the same time, the Environment Agency is stressing the important role the public has to play in assessing designs for the regions two proposed new nuclear stations. More >>>
11 Dec 09: EDF sets out the begging bowl: Groaning beneath the weight of its €36 billion debt pile, EDF has stumbled on a new wheeze to help to fund the next generation of UK nuclear power stations: the Christmas collection tin.
More >>>
28 Nov 09: North Somerset residents turn out in force to tell power chiefs their pylon fears: Hundreds of people packed a public meeting to grill National Grid bosses about plans to erect a new 400,000 volt power line through the North Somerset countryside. Around 700 people attended last night's meeting at the Scotch Horn Leisure Centre in Nailsea, organised by the Save Our Valley campaign group, with dozens having to be turned away at the door.
More >>>
08 Nov 09: Britain's nuclear strategy threatens destruction of Kalahari: Namibian environmentalists warn expansion of uranium mining could devastate spectacular natural landscape More >>>
22 Sep 09: EDF in debt: EDF, the heavily indebted French power group, is close to agreeing a big asset swap with E.ON, its German rival, but it played down reports yesterday that it was also considering the sale of a 20 per cent stake in British Energy, the UK 's nuclear generator. The company, which is leading the drive to build the next generation of nuclear reactors in Britain, has begun a sweeping review of its businesses as it aims to cut its 37 billion (£33.5 billion) debt pile. [Times 22nd Sept 2009]
10 Sep 09: Ex-soldier died of cancer caused by Gulf War uranium: The death of an ex-soldier from cancer was caused by his exposure to depleted uranium during the 1991 Gulf War, an inquest jury ruled. The panel found it was more likely than not that his death in June last year was ''caused or contributed to'' by the radioactive material which is used in military munitions. More >>>
27 Aug 09: French prosecutor drops charges for publishing of classified document: The public prosecutor in Paris has decided not to press charges against a prominent French anti-nuclear activist who had been under investigation since 2006 for breach of national security in connection with publication of a classified document acknowledging weaknesses in the EPR reactor design's ability to withstand the crash of a commercial jetliner. More >>>
09 Jul 09: Eden Project support for EDF under sustained attack: Cornwall 's Eden Project is under sustained fire for supporting the French energy giant EDF Energy. EDF is promoting something called Team Green Britain Day, an annual event to promote a more sustainable lifestyle. The project is being promoted in association with the Eden Project to the surprise of environmentalists. More >>>
01 Jul 09: UK regulator raises French nuclear concerns: French plans to lead a nuclear power renaissance in Britain have been dealt a major blow after regulators warned of serious reservations about the safety of the reactor technology earmarked for use. The Nuclear Installations Inspectorate has written to EDF and Areva, the French companies that want to build four reactors in the UK, to express their concerns about the technology. More >>>
25 Jun 09: Complaint over nuclear training site: A Somerset district has been reported to the Audit Commission by environmental campaigners for donating a site to train nuclear engineers. More >>>
16 Jun 09: Stop Hinkley anger at nuclear academy gifts: An anti-nuclear campaign group has complained to the public spending watchdog about deals involved in the creation of a nuclear training academy at a Westcountry college. More >>>
05 Jun 09: 'They are making a gift of land owned by the public to nuclear industry': Row over council plan to build energy skills centre to train nuclear workers. More >>>
29 May 09: Council defends land handover: SEDGEMOOR District Council has defended its decision to donate a chunk of public land by Bridgwater College for a new nuclear training centre. During a private part of a council meeting, councillors agreed to give the college the land so it can press ahead with its new energy skills centre. Anti-nuclear group Stop Hinkley claimed the land was worth around £100,000 and hit out at the decision to pass it on. More >>>
29 Apr 09: German giants win bid to build nuclear reactors: Britain's push to build a new generation of nuclear power stations took another step forward today after E.ON and RWE, two of Europe's largest utilities, won an auction for two sites earmarked for the construction of new reactors. E.ON and RWE succesfully outbid rival companies in an auction for the two pieces of land at Oldbury in Gloucestershire and Wylfa on Anglesey. More >>>
20 Jan 09: Anger over nuclear money appeal: A request from a council for cash from nuclear firms bidding to build a new power station in Hinkley, Somerset has angered protesters. Campaigners claimed the move shows a "conflict of interest". Sedgemoor District Council has written to EDF and British Energy asking for £750,000 to help pay for the planning work to consider the application. More >>>
11 Jan 09: Andrew courts nuclear meltdown at the Palace: What is Prince Andrew's new year's resolution? Not, it seems, to be any less controversial than he was in 2008. The Observer has learnt of a plan to hold a gala lunch on 5 February at Buckingham Palace for heavy hitters in the nuclear industry, which is, according to critics, a startlingly fraught arena for a member of the royal family to enter. More >>>
04 Jan 09: Officials plotted Sellafield cover-up: Top civil servants and nuclear administrators colluded to prevent MPs from challenging a massive sweetener to a private business taking over the running of Sellafield. More >>>
09 Nov 08: Mini nuclear plants to power 20,000 homes: Shed-size reactors will be delivered by lorry. Nuclear power plants smaller than a garden shed and able to power 20,000 homes will be on sale within five years, say scientists at Los Alamos, the US government laboratory which developed the first atomic bomb. More >>>
15 Aug 08: PROTESTERS' FEARS OVER SURVEILLANCE: Nuclear power protest group Stop Hinkley says it is not a 'terrorist' organisation and should be allowed to protest in peace. Campaigners fear that an increase in the number of armed 'nuclear police' will restrict their protests against developments at the Hinkley Point power station. More >>>
11 Aug 08: Anti-terror patrols secretly stepped up at power stations: Massive expansion of the Civil Nuclear Constabulary is being secretly planned to protect Britain 's most vulnerable terrorist targets. The Mail on Sunday has learned that it will be transformed into the Critical National Infrastructure Police and mount armed patrols around all key installations nationwide, including power stations, phone and computer networks, oil and gas pipelines, ports and airports. More >>>
24 Jul 08: British Energy close to sale deal: French energy firm EDF and British Gas owner Centrica are set to announce that they have bought UK nuclear firm British Energy, the BBC has learned. EDF and Centrica will probably announce they are paying more than £12bn for the company. British Energy, which owns eight UK nuclear power stations, has been on the auction block for months. More >>>
20 May 08: IN DENIAL ON DANGERS OF RADIATION: In the light of the Government's new proposals to sanction more nuclear power stations and a newer, more deadly generation of "Trident" submarines, one can see that admitting the truth about radioactivity would cause such public outrage that both these proposals would be voted out of court. More>>>
Mar 08: Letter to the Cumbrian Business Gazette: In our democratic society public relations is the preferred weapon of persuasion. The nuclear industry has spent billions of taxpayers' money on the double whammy of 'persuasion' through PR and 'bribery' through the NDA. More>>>>>
21 Dec 06: More outages at British Energy's nuclear plants.  Just as the market was beginning to think that British Energy was finally turning the corner, the company has come out and dashed everyone's hopes again after admitting yesterday that it faced a "worst case scenario" at two of its ageing nuclear power stations that will wipe £100m from its profits.
05 Dec 06: Heading for a nuclear blackout? (BBC File on 4) The shut down of six nuclear reactors has dealt a massive blow to British Energy. Twenty-four percent was knocked off the company's shares when it emerged earlier this year cracks had been found in the pipes at Hinkley Point power station in Somerset.
17 Jul 06: G-8 leaders back nuclear power In an otherwise upbeat joint statement -- which delegates privately suggested was out of synch with reality -- the leaders acknowledged differences over the question of nuclear power.
04 Jan 06: ERODING THE POWER OF NUCLEAR FUEL. Nearly all of the UK's nuclear power stations have been built on the coast but a recent study by Nirex, the UK's nuclear waste agency, has shown many of these sites are vulnerable to coastal erosion and rising sea levels resulting from climate change.

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