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NO 2 Nuclear Power website
Highly recommended.
NuClear News is a, free monthly newsletter designed to keep climate campaigners informed about nuclear developments in the UK, and anti-nuclear campaigners about climate issues. You can sign up here to receive NuClear News by email
THE LOW LEVEL RADIATION CAMPAIGN is researching the effects of Low Level Ionising Radiation and demanding a re-evaluation of the risks from man-made fission products. Highly recommended.
WISE Website
WORLD INFORMATION SERVICE ON ENERGY. WISE is an information and networking center for citizens and environmental organizations concerned about nuclear energy, radioactive waste, radiation, and related issues.
The Nuclear Monitor: Magazine with factual information on nuclear issues from all corners of the globe since 1978!
See back issues and Subscribe here.
SpinWatch website
The NUCLEAR SPIN website is designed to help people find out more about pro-nuclear advocates in the UK.
World Nuclear Industry Status Report is the independent assessment of Nuclear developments in the world.
Green Audit website
GREEN AUDIT is about corporate responsibility. Scientific research and statistical analysis conducted by Green Audit uncovers the truth about the health effects of environmental pollution.
NUCLEAR CONSULTING GROUP. The Nuclear Consulting Group brings together many leading UK academics and experts. Their website aims to provide clear and independent information and analysis of the range of nuclear new build consultations in the UK and ask questions that need to be answered.
LARGE & ASSOCIATES provide professional consultancy services in the area of nuclear technology, including risk and environmental impact assessments together with formal evidence and support for legal claims and prosecutions.

NUCLEAR-FREE PLANET (The Helen Caldicott Foundation). Their goal is public education about the often underestimated and poorly understood medical hazards of nuclear weapons and nuclear power. They focus on the danger posed to public health by radiation, by the contribution of nuclear power to global warming and by the real capacity of nuclear weapons, technology and waste to render parts or all of the earth uninhabitable forever.

From Greenhouse to Green House website
From Greenhouse to Green House: This web site is a "consumer's eye view" of conservation. It describes what they have learned in trying to make their household less damaging to the environment.
NUCLEAR WASTE WATCH fights for democratic planning and decision procedures regarding nuclear technology and the nuclear fuel cycle in the European Union.
My Society . org
MY SOCIETY.ORG is a handy website that enables you to contact your Councillors, MP, MEPs, MSPs or Northern Ireland, Welsh and London AMs for free.
NO NEW NUKES website
NO NEW NUKES is opposing the construction of new nuclear power stations in the UK. If the British government ignores public opinion and commits the UK to more atomic misery, we promise them a nuclear reaction they won't forget!
NUCLEAR BANKS. No thanks. There's one thing nuclear power needs more than anything else. Money. Lots of it. Our money. Our savings and our deposits. Banks don't like to boast about their involvement with the dirty and dangerous business of nuclear power. Find your bank and discover what they do with your money.
Centre for Alternative Energy website
THE CENTRE FOR ALTERNATIVE ENERGY offers solutions to some of the most serious challenges such as climate change, pollution and the waste of precious resources. They demonstrate practical ways of addressing these problems. Leading by example, they show that living more sustainably is not only easy to attain but can provide a better quality of life.
ENENews is an online service dedicated to covering the latest energy-related developments. They have a vast audience that includes not only nuclear industry professionals, but also scientists, researchers, journalists, opinion and policy-makers, as well as the general public.
One Home helps you make choices that will benefit you, your community and our planet. They provide practical, independent and impartial guides on low carbon travel, energy, cars, food and gardening and offer advice on how to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

National Campaign Groups
Greenpeace website
GREENPEACE UK is campaigning to end nuclear power, reprocessing and waste dumping because safe nuclear power is a myth.
Friends of the Earth website
FRIENDS OF THE EARTH is a national campaigning group with an energy section. FoE says that climate change is the most serious threat facing humanity.
The Green Party website
THE GREEN PARTY is campaigning for a just and fair society that leaves a safe and healthy world for our children. Link to the national party website:
N F L A website
NUCLEAR FREE LOCAL AUTHORITIES: The group, including a lawyer, works for a nuclear free future in practical ways within local government.
C N D website
CAMPAIGN FOR NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT is a national anti-nuclear group with an emphasis on weapons disarmament but a vigorous anti-nuclear power campaign.
NUCLEAR TRAINS ACTION GROUP is a campaigning organisation opposing the transport of nuclear waste through densely populated areas such as London and Bridgwater.
ACTION FOR RENEWABLES Support renewable energy? You're not alone. A silent majority of the UK is in favour of greener power, but they're being drowned out by a noisy minority. Sign up to Action for Renewables and make your voice heard!
NUCLEAR PLEDGE Now that the Government is going ahead full tilt with its nuclear power programme, Nuclear Pledge has relaunched! Please sign the pledge and ask your friends to join you.

Local campaign groups
Together against Sizewell C (TASC) is a group of people and organisations formed to oppose the building of Sizewell C and its associated works in a legal, open, peaceful and fully accountable manner.
The Green Party website
GLOUCESTERSHIRE GREEN PARTY is working hard with local people to provide a better quality of life for all. The Green Party aims to create a just, equitable and sustainable society.
THE SOUTH WEST GREEN PARTY website gives local party contacts:
Blog representing South West Against Nuclear (SWAN) saying NO to Hinkley C. Aims to share info and the experiences of an anti-nuclear activist living near the battleground for the UK's nuclear new build plans in Somerset.
SHEPPERDINE AGAINST NUCLEAR ENERGY (SANE) are a Community from Gloucestershire who are concerned at the potential development of a new nuclear power station in Shepperdine. They are committed to the growth of the area with alternative energy.
Stop Oldbury: blog about Oldbury.
RADIATION FREE LAKELAND Preventing the Lake District from becoming a nuclear sacrifice zone. The government is looking to bury high level nuclear waste in a hole deeper than Scafell is high and bigger than the City of Carlisle. No Thanks!
C O R E website
CUMBRIANS OPPOSED TO A RADIOACTIVE ENVIRONMENT (CORE) covers all aspects of Sellafield's operations including the radioactive sea and air discharges and the contamination of the local environment. CORE conducts its own 'Alternative Tour of Sellafield' which highlights some of the local problems that British Nuclear Fuels would rather ignore.
BRITAIN'S TOXIC COAST: For years Braystones has lived in the shadow of neighbouring Sellafield. Llike so many other coastal communities, it has discovered that the pollution from the nuclear plant has washed up on its shores. They intend using the website, and Tweeting, to counter pro-nuclear propaganda.
SHUT DOWN SIZEWELL CAMPAIGN is a local campaigning group concerned with Sizewell and Bradwell nuclear power stations.
Nuclear Debate "Sizewell" website
The online resource for Suffolk residents to voice their opinions on nuclear power and its future in their county.
BRADWELL FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY campaign for a sustainable energy policy, both locally and nationally, that minimises harm to the environment.

Overseas Campaign Groups
AnuMukti Website
ANUMUKIT is a blog devoted to non-nuclear India. After the Japanese experience in 2011 the nuclear issues become more relevant for India, which is all set for a nuclearisation of its power program.
COALITION AGAINST NUCLEAR ENERGY is a South African umbrella group comprising community organisations, residents' associations, NGOs, academics, professionals, unionists, environmentalists and ordinary citizens grappling with the spectre of nuclear developments in their back yards.
Ausgestrahlt website
AUSGESTRAHLT - together against nuclear energy. German group who are convinced that the use of nuclear energy is a serious injustice because it harms people as well as the environment. [English section]
SORTIR DU NUCLEAIRE is the main French antinuclear coalition. Their mission is to unite everyone campaigning against nuclear power and to convince France to phase out nuclear power generation.
ACTION OF CITIZENS FOR THE TOTAL DISMANTLING OF NUKES French group acting for disarmament, working with ordinary people,
citizens' groups, the media and elected officials in France and elsewhere. [In English]

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