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Stop Hinkley have a long and successful record campaigning against nuclear power at Hinkley Point and Oldbury. We campaigned vigorously on the dangers connected with running Hinkley 'A' and as a consequence BNFL reluctantly shut it down permanently in 2000. We have worked with regional BBC and ITV documentaries to highlight the risk from the crumbling old reactor at Oldbury. Now Hinkley Point is the proposed site for the first of a series of new nuclear power stations in the UK.

Our members have enabled us to continue the fight against Nuclear Power in Somerset, but the prospect of Hinkley C being built is moving ever closer.
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We have successfully fought against nuclear power
and will continue to do so - but we need your help.

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We have fought off Hinkley C before and
we will do it again - but we need your support.

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