Did you know that areas in Somerset near the Hinkley Point nuclear power plants have been licensed for onshore oil and gas drilling/exploration, including fracking?

Well, neither did we ...until recently!

How can such a significant environmental issue be unknown? No information has been forthcoming from either national or local public bodies and as a result we have not had an opportunity to engage in any consultation process as to whether we want fracking to be conducted in our county. Many decisions have already been made and we are now at the stage where licences have been issued without any proper or meaningful public consultation.

Frack Free Exmoor, Quantocks and Sedgemoor are leading a campaign against this proposal and have produced a very useful leaflet that you can read here

Petition to Stop Fossil Fuel Extraction near Nuclear Installations

Please sign the petition to the UK's Health and Safety Executive against Fossil Fuel Extraction near Nuclear Installations. Here: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/stop-fossil-fuel-extraction-near-nuclear-installations

Radiation Dangers of Fracking

Radioactive Dangers of Fracking. The process brings up radioactive liquids and solids from the earth in waters, sludges and pipeline scales. The methane gas produced is contaminated with radon gas which can not be separated out. More >>>

Frack Free Exmoor, Quantocks & Sedgemoor
Frack Free EQS are a group of local residents from Exmoor, Quantocks and Sedgemoor who are seriously concerned about the potential harm caused by fracking. Their aim is to raise awareness about this issue and to inform and empower the Community to have their voice heard before it is too late.
See their website for information and sign up for email updates. www.frackfreeeqs.co.uk/





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