28 July 2016 : the ups and downs, twists and turns of the EDF Final Investment Decision (FID) day. Synchronising our movements, including interviews, protests, banners and public supported displays, with the announcements from EDF.

After a quiet start, Roy Pumfrey was already on his way to Paris with the ‘Say No to Hinkley C' original Stop Hinkley Expansion banner, supporters and press assembled in King Square, Bridgwater outside the Sedgemoor District Council offices.

Never before have we had so much coverage and photos in TV and press, together with excellent interviews with all our press contacts. Roy in Paris awaiting the EDF decision captured on BBC Points West, and numerous other TV, Radio and news media. The phones for interview request were hot.

We heard that EDF had booked a marquee and party for their ‘go ahead' decision, then we heard the resignation of the EDF board member throwing the whole thing in the air again. Then followed the decision by the board voting 10 votes to 7 for HPC to go ahead.

Much celebration was covered by the media and then shock - everyone heard that our government needs more time to think!

The EDF marquee for the VIP visitors at Hinkley site could then only be used for the HPC wake.

The Stop Hinkley Spokespersons' have been very busy, and here is a log of just some of the work they have done:

26/07/16 - Sky News & Guardian interview Allan in Bridgwater

27/07/16 - ITV Spotlight Southwest interview Roy at Hinkley Point

28/07/16 - FID Decision Day

06.50 - LBC Radio interview Roy waiting for flight at Bristol Airport

08.30 - BBC Radios Hereford and Somerset interview Theo

10.00 - Rally in King's Square, Bridgwater. Lots of local media coverage. Sky News interview Allan at his allotment in only rain of the day!

11.30 - BBC Points West interview Roy outside EdeF Head Office, Paris. The SH banner looks great on TV! As BBC depart, French Police arrive. 'Move along, sir, nothing to see here.' After lunch, French Police say the SH banner can't be displayed as there is no permission for a demonstration from the Prefecture.

15.00 - EdeF Board Meeting starts.

18.00 - Radio Devon interview Roy (at Charles de Gaulle Airport) against mad for jobs Unite officer.

18.30 - EdeF Board votes 10-7 to give go ahead to HPC. Media announce done deal

20.50 - Despite late flight, Bristol Airport Tavern minibus delivers Roy to their car park in time for Sky News interview live at 21.00. 'EdeF has bet the farm on HPC' later appears on BBC Points West!

21.30 - Hold on! British Government announces 'pause' on HPC

22.00 - Media in meltdown

22.30  - BBC PointsWest changes tack, 'another amber light when it looked like green'

22.30 -  BBC Newsnight opens with SH Patron Molly Scott-Cato debating HPC with local MP and HPC advocate Ian Liddell-Grainger

29/07/16 - The Aftermath

08.30 - BBC Somerset Sound interviews Roy, a different story now (still available on 'Listen Again')

09.00 - BBC Radio Wales and Channel 5 News (oxymoron!) sadly cancel interviews

16.00 - Radio London interviews Roy against GMB's Justin Bowden who has spent the day telling the media  Government 'pause' is 'bewildering' and 'bonkers'. He has no grasp of the sleight of hand involved  in the '25,000 jobs' claim.

17.30 - ITV cancel interview as EdeF have closed down access to the HPC site following the embarrassment of the cancelled jamboree.

20.00 - SH Patron Molly Scott-Cato excellent on HPC on 'Any Questions?'

30/07/16 - Blanket national press coverage of EdeF's embarrassment and Chinese snubbed. Great photo of SH in King's Square in the 'i' with another take on the White Elephant as a Pokemon Go thingy.

02/08/16  - HPC dominates local press with first five pages of Bridgwater Mercury devoted to coverage including lots from SH

05/08/16 - Private Eye devotes front cover to HPC fiasco

06/08/16 - Radio Centraal Antwerp interview Roy



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