The Vice President of French National Assembly joins White Elephant Demonstration at Hinkley Point

9th October 2015


On a beautiful Sunny Friday afternoon in Somerset, Denis Baupin and Molly Scott Cato MEP spoke eloquently in front of the greatest White Elephant in the history of UK construction, Hinkley Point.

Denis Baupin said "EDF and Areva have said they want to build a new design not the one they are building here. A question I want to ask the British Government and the British people. If you know that there will be an iPhone 6 that will be cheaper and safer, why would you want to buy the old iPhone that has never worked and is so expensive?...You have to know that in France now they don't want to build an EPR. The one they want to build here (at Hinkley C) will be the last one in the world. France nuclear production will decrease from 75% of electricity to 50% in 2025..............

I also want to say that the President of EDF said in a newspaper last week that nobody except the Chinese want to put money into the 2 EPRs because they are not so sure that it will work.  This is the President of EDF saying this! And you know now that the Chinese don't want to put more than 30% not the 40% they were supposed to." ( This would leave EDF to make up 70% which they are unlikely to be able to do).

Molly Scott Cato said: "In a globalised world I suppose we should consider the option of allowing foreign companies and governments to control our central infrastructure. Well personally I would consider that for about 5 minutes before deciding it's not a good idea, because it would mean loss of control and loss of security.  What do we actually know about these Chinese companies that will be part of the deal?

This was filmed in full by BBC Points West but for reasons known only to themselves has not been reported.

The most important thing we know is that they are part owned by the Chinese Government, which means they are controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.  What kind of a bizarre world is it where a Conservative British Government is inviting the Chinese Communist Party to control our energy infrastructure?

One of these companies, the China National Nuclear Company, is responsible for the manufacture of Chinese nuclear weapons. A situation that is being explored by the Green Baroness Jenny Jones. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of that one!"



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