Austrian Visit to Hinkley Point

Allan Jeffery pointing out the history of the Hinkley site.

On the bank holiday in August 2016 a few members of Stop Hinkley met with a visiting group of Austrians.

Rudi Anschober, a Green Regional Environment minister from Upper Austria with members of his staff and journalists from four Austrian national newspapers visited UK to find out how Hinkley C was progressing and meet some Stop Hinkley members.

Myself, Peter Smith and Barbara and Helen Grant met the mini bus in Bridgwater bringing the group from Heathrow. Fortunately they just missed the M5 crash that caused two other Stop Hinkley members to miss the meeting. We led the visitors to the Hinkley site and walked around the entrance and security fence, explaining about the stations history and developments. It was a hot day and the site was dead quiet, not even a few lorries or diggers as it was a bank holiday, just a few nuclear police officers observing our actions. I had met the officers the day before, so they knew of our visit.

Pete Smith giving some insights to one of the Austrian journalists

Peter was able to give personal experience from having worked in the A and B stations. Helen and I were able to explain about the history and local reactions to the project. The journalists asked questions and took some site photos, including us with our banner. With only a few hours available before they had to return to London, further questions could be answered in a more relaxed way over a meal, so we took the group through the picturesque local villages of Shurton and Burton and along Somerset country lanes to the Cottage Inn, where they could question us more, over some British food at a quaint Somerset Pub. This went down well.

The visit gave Rudi a feel for the area and progress at the Hinkley site and we supplied the staff and each of the journalists with a full collection of Stop Hinkley leaflets to take with them. A very friendly and informative visit, we have more good contacts, and the Austrian challenge to the Hinkley C deal financing is progressing through the EU commission courts! We wished them a good journey back to London. The next day they were meeting Molly Scott Cato, David Lowry and Steve Thomas. Thanks to Peter, Barbara and Helen representing us.

Allan Jeffery.

Here are links to some of the Austrian newspaper reports, machine translated into English.



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