The next campaign meetings are on Mondays
19 August and
16 September

at 7pm
at West Bow House,
Milton Place off West Street, Bridgwater TA6 3RT

Meetings are usually held on the third Monday of the month. All members and non-members are very welcome to attend, though only members have voting rights.

Please let us know [click here]
if you plan to come to give us an idea of numbers and to keep you informed of any last minute change of plan.

Stop Hinkley
Street Stalls
Jo and her team usually run the stall in Bridgwater, Taunton and Glastonbury.
We are also hoping that people in other towns will start up their own stalls. 

It really is easy. All you need is a small, light table and some leaflets which you can download here (or contact us for supplies).

If you would like to help out with these stalls or start one in your local town, please contact Jo Smoldon [click here].

27 April 2019: Day of Action at Springfield: Stop Hinkley supported a demonstration at Springfield in Lancashire. This site imports raw mined Uranium from all over the world and processes it into fuel rods for nuclear power stations and weapons grade uranium for war heads. More >>>

1 April 2018: 60 years CND: Stop Hinkley members jumped aboard the Bristol CND bus on Easter Sunday April 1st to join the throng of protesters going to AWE Aldermaston. More >>>

March 2018: Hinkley Point Site Visit: After nearly 18 months, I thought another visit to the site might be interesting. More >>>

23 May 2018: Senedd Welsh Assembly, Cardiff: Chinks, Liz and Jo were pleased to represent Stop Hinkley at the Welsh Assembly on the Cardiff Water front, travelling over the bridge to help highlight the radioactive mud that was to be quietly dumped in Cardiff Bay with no recompense to the Welsh people. More >>>
February 2018: Fukushima Exhibition in Taunton: It was a wonderful opportunity for Stop Hinkley to have Lis Fields Exhibition '20 millisieverts per year.' at the CIC centre Taunton to give us insight here in the West Country to the situation in Japan since the awful nuclear accident of Fukushima 2011. More >>>



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