Stop Hinkley supporters voice concerns at open floor hearings

Many Stop Hinkley supporters made their voices heard at the “open floor” hearings into EDF's Hinkley C application held in Stogursey, Bridgwater, Cannington and Combwich during the second and third weeks of May. Among them was 88-year-old Rose Stuckey, a long-standing Stop Hinkley member. This is a shortened version of her speech:

Nuclear power stations are costly to build and costly to dismantle. They scar our shoreline, prohibiting public access to huge areas. Radioactive waste remains and always will be a serious problem. No safe place has yet been found for its storage and disposal. Keeping it on site has its risks.

Invisible radioactive particles rise from chimneys and pipes and are spread by the wind, coming down in the rain, polluting the air, contaminating vast acreages of food and fruit-growing land and pasture, as well as being discharged in waste water into Bridgwater Bay, absorbed by marine life and crustaceans. Our food is not protected!

It's a fallacy to claim nuclear energy is clean. No smoke perhaps, but its pollution is unseen and its waste too hot to handle. I was told once by an engineer who had worked at Windscale (now Sellafield) that he left the industry for the sake of his children. How many others have done the same?

Don't forget Chernobyl , Windscale and Three Mile Island , all devastating events. There have been hundreds of incidents at Hinkley Point – fires, leakages and iodine tablets issues – all on record. It is only a matter of time before a big blow-up occurs here and our whole country becomes a no-go area for many years.

It is not as if there are no alternatives. There is gas, oil, wind, advanced coal management - reducing emissions by at least 80%, the Severn barrage and solar power. All without radioactive waste.

Then comes decommissioning – hazardous, expensive and where is all the material going to go?

Nuclear power is unsafe, uneconomic, unwarranted, unwelcome and a fearsome blot on our coastline.

EDF's application should be refused on the foregoing grounds and more. Hinkley C should not be built. Full stop!"

May 2012

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