Stop Hinkley meets safety regulator on 'pre-licensing'

From Stop Hinkley Newsletter July 2006

Newly appointed Stop Hinkley Deputy Coordinator, Jo Brown, went to Manchester Town Hall at the end of May to meet Mike Weightman of the NII together with Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth representatives. They discussed the controversial 'pre-licensing' of potential new nuclear reactors as well as options for storage and disposal of existing and future waste, including the new Intermediate Level Waste facility at Hinkley Point.

All reactor designs would be assessed by the NII in advance of public inquiries, safety issues having been dealt with in this advance assessment and using licensing data from the countries of origin of the reactors.

Mr Weightman said the NII would develop a generic nuclear site plan for new build but Jo suggested that if all the problems of Hinkley Point were incorporated no site ought to qualify: the proximity of populations to the site, with exposure to radionuclides both downwind and across the muddy estuary, these conditions having been identified by the Low Level Radiation Campaign as greatly increasing the risks of various cancers. Jo also said Stop Hinkley were concerned that none of the consultation meetings at Site Stakeholder Groups or public consultations held by the Department of the Environment made any provision for discussion of the public health implications of current waste management or new build.

Mr Weightman promised a copy of the minutes but none have been sent. Overall Jo's feeling was than the NII were tolerating this meeting as a boring waste of their time but something it would be more tiresome to avoid.

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