Did you know ...?

  • EdF plans to build two giant reactors at Hinkley.

  • The European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) has been plagued with construction problems and overspend in Finland and France. Large Associates has concerns over its safety.

  • Its highly radioactive 'superheated' fuel rods will not be sent away for reprocessing but left on site indefinitely, increasing its exposure to terrorist risks.

  • Studies we have commissioned have shown increased cancer and infant mortality downwind from Hinkley Point. [Click here for more info]

  • The UK taxpayer is currently expected to pay £83 billion and rising to decommission existing nuclear sites.

  • The Government is pushing for burial of the most dangerous and long-lived nuclear waste, despite its advisors' recommendations for intensive research.

  • The cost of n-waste management from a new generation of reactors will be capped by Government. Taxpayers will pay the rest. A second national Deep Repository may be needed for this waste.

  • The climate-change aspects of nuclear power are exaggerated: Replacing all old reactors could save only 5% of UK carbon emissions. This could be saved more cheaply by other means.

  • The taxpayer would pay most of the costs resulting from a major nuclear accident.

  • Existing UK nuclear sites are mostly around the coastline which are jeopardised by rising sea levels.

  • The UK does not need nuclear: the Pöyry report says we can fill the energy gap with current government renewable energy targets.

  • British Energy is building one huge wind farm in Scotland. Hypocritically they opposed a wind-farm application at Hinkley Point on safety grounds.

  • Nuclear power is not cheap, not safe and not necessary. As Stop Hinkley patron Michael Meacher MP said "the UK needs new nuclear like a hole in the head".


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