Stop Hinkley are very sorry to learn of the death of one of our founders, Danielle Grunberg.

She died at her home in Nyons, France in August 2019

Jill Sutcliffe remembers her

Danielle was a force to be reckoned with. She worked alongside the noted journalist, Crispin Aubrey, to make the Stop Hinkley anti nuclear group an effective chiselled Non-Governmental Organisation capable of taking on the nuclear industry in Somerset.

She brought creativity, imagination and determination. Essentially, although she had been born in England in 1940 from Austrian-Danish parentage and brought up in France, she was never very English!

She was direct and wore her heart on her sleeve. She relished the chance to write and to contribute to the newsletter. She had been involved in theatre productions as a Director and in the peace movement before moving into anti nuclear campaigning.

Crispin, Danielle, Bridget (newsletter editor) and me, running the campaigners´office, were funded by Greenpeace to take part in the Public Inquiry into Hinkley C. Their very different skills made them a great team. I was invited to interview and, having been self-taught on health and nuclear issues since 1971, could assist with the 600+ individuals and groups coming to Cannington to put their case.

This role was greatly helped by the late Brian Rome, law lecturer at the then Bristol Poly, who took early retirement in order to participate in the Public Inquiry, coming daily from Bristol. We all learned much about the law and the functioning of Public Inquiries thanks to Brian.

Kindly, Danielle offered me space in her wonderful C16th house, so we spent many evenings swapping ideas about what we could do, actions we could do for example on Women's Day (March 8 th ), when to use the enormous White Elephant blow up model and sharing some wonderful food. Danielle was a great cook and host as situations demanded. Crab quiche immediately comes to mind! She could well hold the floor enthralling people with her stories.

And this is what made Stop Hinkley such a great team. Crispin reminded me of a civil servant! He had an appropriate background, looked the part, knew the key information and/or who to speak to glean the information required and SH brought key witnesses to the PI. Danielle was passionate, drawing in more people through articles and contacts and coming up with ideas to make Hinkley a central issue to cover. The Eastern Daily Press in Norfolk took a copy of the weekly newsletter not wanting to miss a beat on the issues being discussed.

Those appearing at the PI often asked if “Will we win?” These were people who had given up their whole holidays, worked tirelessly to get the information they wanted and to understand the issues by talking to many who had left the industry and who could give clear informed summaries of the required information in order to take part. My answer to their key question was, “We will win the arguments….but not the PI”. And so it turned out to be.

At the post PI party we gave Danielle something for her garden….

And then she was off, off to Ullapool in Scotland where she built an award winning Eco house. Her Somerset house produced enough money with which she was able to commission her heart's dream of an eco house, though sadly she was unable to finish it. One of her other achievements was to set up a website for her mother, Rita Kernn-Larsen. She was a famous, (although forgotten) International, Danish Surrealist painter.



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