A tribute to Cecily Collingridge

by Katy Attwater, October 2017

On behalf of Stop Hinkley I would like to honour one of our most passionate and hardworking campaigners, Cecily Collingridge, who recently died. Cecily had been involved in the Stop Hinkley campaign for many years. She was one of the most knowledgeable people in our group on the science of radiation and its effects on the human body.

Cecily was very critical of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for setting such low safety levels for radiation and for not distinguishing the effects on women and children from that on adult men. She worked closely with Dr. Chris Busby to produce a Green Audit scientific paper on the abnormally high levels of radiation found in the land surrounding Hinkley, which was presented to DECC, EDF and the Environment Agency. Click Here

In spite of her failing health she continued to attend demos and was once chauffeured by police car to and from the gates of Hinkley. She was a talented artist and pianist, well known locally for the amazing murals she painted on walls throughout the Bridgwater Arts Centre.

She had close associations with the RAF, given her father and son were both RAF pilots. I remember working with her in her dining room next to a baby grand piano underneath a beautiful mural of the sky with a Harrier Jump Jet emerging from the clouds, her favourite plane.

Cecily had a wonderful sense of humour and was a great thinker, an activist and a radical feminist. She was an occasional and honoured visitor to the Full Moon Witch Watch at the gates of Hinkley. This is a link to her hilarious rendition of the Shipping Forecast which she presented to us on her last visit. Click Here

Goodbye Cecily. Thank you for the great energy and humour you brought. We won't forget you.


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