Letter from Stop Hinkley Member
to Japanese Government

Stop Hinkley member Jo Smoldon wrote to the Japanese government of her concerns about the ongoing disaster in Fukushima. We would encourage others to do the same.


Embassy of Japan
101-104 Piccadilly
London W1J 7JT

12 March 2016

Dear Sirs

On the fifth anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster I am travelling to London to join with the people from all around the UK to remember the tragedy that struck Japan after the Tsunami in March 2011.

Nuclear power and more importantly nuclear waste has a huge impact on the environment in the close proximity of the ‘accident' but also the wider global environment, as the radiation contamination spreads deadly, silently into earth, water and air. It knows no boundaries and is un-negotiating as it seeps into the life around, penetrating to the heart of the DNA in every living organism it touches.

My concern is that we are not learning from this evil thing we have created and in the UK, France, Japan and others there is a push to reopen, and build new nuclear power stations that may one day have the next unprecedented ‘accident.'

We must as a collective humanity draw a line in the ever increasing radioactive, contaminated sand and STOP NUCLEAR.

The industry will have to continue to train people to deal with the legacy waste for thousands of years and let us learn from these lessons and to respect and protect the life we have left on our planet.

I am a Stop Hinkley member and became involved with the subject after the Fukushima disaster unfolded. Two years previously in May 2009, I had a prophetic dream which revealed there was to be a natural disaster that would cause a nuclear disaster in Japan. I was shocked as I awoke, nuclear I had not previously given much thought to, I had studied the principals in my science education but that was largely it. The dream or in fact the nightmare revealed that life on the planet will be changed because of it, many will die and it will be a major shift in the picture of life on earth, that still haunts me and heavily influences how I live my life today. Making people aware of the dangers of nuclear is the most important drive in my life since 2011.

I am writing to the Japanese government now to ask they take a lead and acknowledge the nuclear disaster that is still happening at Fukushima and help educate the rest of the world in its dangers. Japan as a nation has a huge global influence for nuclear it was the location for the nuclear bombs which were horrendous, the shame we all have for that, war creates such despicable actions, but because of that the world will listen and understand the people of Japan now with their advice if they will stop using nuclear power.

Japan, following now the polluting of the Pacific Ocean from the radioactive waste, must find the courage to stand up and announce the true picture of what is happening. Also, more importantly be the nation that leads the world in leaving nuclear behind in the 20th century and embrace renewable energy sources and energy conservation in the 21st century.

I pray this will be so.

Jo Smoldon




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